Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pumpkin Painting Ideas

After our little pumpkin harvest at the farm, I feel like I better start decorating them soon.  Nandini especially is anxious to get the house decorated for Halloween and the party.  Anything Avinash doesn't like she tells him is not for his birthday, just Halloween.  I can't seem to make things scary enough for her.  She even made me buy her a pack of skeleton hands the other day *shudder*.

Last year we painted pumpkins and we might do the same this year to avoid the mess and sharp objects involved in carving pumpkins.  It's not really a great toddler activity.  Or even six year old activity. 

I love how Nandini's pumpkin turned out.  A little bit of creative direction in color selection can go a long way.  

I painted a white design on a ghost pumpkin.  

It's my favorite along with that little spider web pumpkin.  I think I need another one of those this year for sure. 

I even tried silkscreening a pumpkin.  It didn't turn out half bad. 

Glitter pumpkins are always a favorite around here too.  

I did get my teal pumpkin from whole foods this year and I definitely want to put yellow stars on it. We also got a few jacks, a 'golden' pumpkin (it's really yellow but man did it stand out in the sea of orange) and a bunch of minis.  The teal one is a cinderella pumpkin I think.  I still think it's so cute that those exist.  Yay botany.  And fairies ;)

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