Saturday, October 31, 2015

13+ Great Costume Ideas for Halloween

I was just bursting with costume ideas this year.  Then we had another round of torrential downpours and a lot of plans got cancelled.  That's okay, we still got dressed up at home and had fun watching lots of movies and Elmo.

The kids aren't supposed to dress up at school (this basically happened at our preschool a few years ago, only in a more dramatic fashion) , but my friend and I decided to let the girls Disney Bound all week.

We even made them buttons with fun hipster sayings and everything.  Turns out, they all HATED the princesses wearing glasses.   We are raising some first class feminists indeed.

Glass slippers are so before midnight. 

I don't know why she didn't like them.  I found it funny.  She was pretty happy that I finally let her wear her glass slippers to school though.

We dressed up as Annie, Miss Hannigan, Daddy Warbucks and Punjab for the school party that got cancelled.  Really because I didn't leave the house all day, so the robe was more than appropriate.  I also was dying to dress Lakshman up as Punjab.  I mean, we might as well own the absurd depictions of Indians in popular culture - especially given how few we have to choose from.  Plus, Nandini totally has the hair for Annie.

I'm the Before to Nandini's After Holly Golightly.  One can't go to Sing Sing with a green face after all. 

 Lakshman is Fred of course and Avinash is Sally Tomato(?).  It's possible he refused to change from the day before.

His real Halloween outfit was Harry Potter.  I love this picture because when Lakshman saw what we were doing, he got himself up the stairs and started jumping too.  Only, not quite as high.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I am on SheKnows/BlogHer today with an article all about butterbeer recipes!!  So delicious.  Click over and let me know what you think.

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  1. All the costumes look great and most importantly everyone is having a wonderful time! I love the Harry Potter "flying" on his broom.
    Thanks for sharing your blog post at the #HomeMattersParty this week. Hope to see you again when the party opens on Friday at midnight EST!


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