Wednesday, March 9, 2011

37 weeks..

I love being pregnant, I really do.  I pretty much eat whatever I want anyway, but at least I can feel a tiny bit less guilty when I eat a dozen of these

I even found a dress (on sale!) in the regular section of Banana Republic to wear at the Houston Science Musuem Benefit Gala Saturday night.  And yes, there was a dessert tent there.  And it was awesome. 

It is just that I am starting to get a little on edge (ahem).  Well, I've been at 3 cm for over two weeks now!  I can't sneeze without worrying about my water breaking.  I have contractions on and off every few days with no discernible progress.  I'm so glad that real labor didn't start before this week, but now that I'm full term I feel so ready! 

So, I've been trying whatever I can think of to jump start labor.  I mean, I'm not running marathons or anything.  But, why start now?  I love the new feeling to freedom.  Spicy foods, exercise ball, yoga, aerobics, coffee (not sure if that is a real thing, but I like it).  I've also heard that keeping the gas tank on empty and unpacking the hospital bag helps, ha!  Ryan is doing his part by keeping his cellphone uncharged...What else can I do?  Any ideas!??

They say that physical changes in the fetus itself trigger hormonal changes in the mother to get labor started.  All I can assume is that this baby is smarter than I am and knows when the right time is!

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