Sunday, March 27, 2011

Avinash and Nandini

I suppose I should rename this blog now that our new baby is here! 

Avinash is so sweet with Nandini and loves holding her or giving her kisses.

He just needs to learn to be a little more careful around her.  Gentle was not really in his vocabulary before.  Nandini does seem to love watching all of her brother's monkey business though.

He loves it when she licks his face or grabs his fingers.

He does get jealous every once in a while, especially when Ryan holds Nandini in the evening. 

Avinash has never been great at sharing with other kids, especially with younger children.  But, he shares his toys with his new sister.  He puts her giraffe down next to her on her seat.  He brings her lego pieces and can't understand why she won't grab them. 
They are closer in age than either of our siblings are and I hope that they will grow closer and closer.

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