Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby girl Hecker

She cried right away and then quieted down when they put her on my tummy. She nursed like a champ before she even got her first bath. Her face was so squished but she still looked beautiful. And she smells that amazing way only newborns do. Her skin is pink and turns red when she cries. She has been nursing like crazy all night. Every three hours for an hour or so and then wants to be held for the next hour. She loves listening to her daddy talk and already likes sticking her tongue out at him.

She has peach fuzz all over her little legs. And still keeps her legs curled up.

Her fingers and fingernails are so long. And she loves keeping her hands on her face just like in her ultrasound photos. She opened her eyes a little but mostly slept all day. We are so in love with her. I think we have finally chosen a name as well. Will post it here once it is official.

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