Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Life

This has definitely been an eventful week to say the least!!!  Nandini was born on Monday.  We stayed in the hospital on Tuesday and came home Wednesday.   Our friends Sonia and Ankur stopped by with their boy Dhilan, Avi was so excited to have "two babies!" in the house at once.  We all played holi on Saturday morning before my Dad and brother had to leave.  Watching Avinash play was probably the best part.  Our friends Maria and Nagesh also came over with their new baby Roshan and daughter Nisha.  She is two as well, and Avinash was in heaven when she came over.  I can't believe how much fun they have together.  They were jumping on the couch, then the bed; they were singing songs and dancing to ring around the rosie together.  So cute.  We also had our MckMama photoshoot on Sunday too. 

Here are some of the photo highlights of the week.









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