Monday, March 14, 2011

New baby!!!

We are in the hospital!  At my routine check this morning it turned out that I was 7cm already.  The doctor was amazed that I wasn't feeling anything yet.  I begged off the wheelchair they tried to get me and rushed home for a quick shower before coming to the hospital instead.
It is so funny to me that we were supposed to get induced tomorrow but ended up in the hospital today anyway!
I was feeling so weird about being 3cm ever since I was 35 weeks and guilty for having my mom here but not being in labor.  Well, here we are! My dad got here Saturday so this is even better. 
Still, we had everything planned out for tomorrow but the baby decided to do things on its own schedule. It just reminds me that no matter what we try to plan or organize we are not in control, God is.  I take so much solace in that right now. 

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