Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Avinash, only child

Only not much longer.  What a big change we are in for, him especially.  He loves babies though, and loves practicing wrapping up his stuffed animals in blankets.  He likes a lot of attention though.  Luckily, my family is so being so generous with their time.  That should help him adjust while we are preoccupied with the new baby. 

My brain has been in a fog lately.  I am so looking forward to recording all of our memories as our family grows.  But I want to remember this time too.

Avinash is so precious and sweet every day.  He loves to laugh and play.  He is such a busy boy all the time.  Climbing, running, spinning in circles, coloring, sliding off the couch, throwing things.

He is a pro at singing the alphabet, counting to ten in multiple languages (excuse the seven), recognizing all written letters and numbers, and writing out a few letters (O, U, V, J, I and sometimes A, M and N).   He can name a lot of shapes as well, triangle ('angle), square (bare), circle, oval, octagon (bop sign), and star ('tar).  He is pretty bad with colors.  Ryan thinks he's color blind, but I just think we haven't really taught him any.  Not that we taught him shapes either.  Must have been Elmo...

He still loves to color and likes this little work book we got him.  Mostly he just draws circles around everything, but he enjoys the activity.  His favorite books right now are 'Welcome to the Zoo', 'Brown bear, brown bear', and 'Dumbo'.

He loves absolutely anything elephant related actually.

His favorite shows are Sesame Street, Ponyo, Dumbo and Robin Hood.  I just started showing him this hindi Hanuman cartoon which he enjoys as well.

He is loud and full of energy.

He is still not a great eater, but usually like pancakes, macaroni and cheese, dosa, pasta (especially swiss chard ravioli in sage butter sauce), maggi, string cheese, grapes, pistachios, namkeen, yogurt, rice krispies, watermelon. He loves cookies, candy and any nummies.

He sometimes likes apples, bananas, kiwi, strawberries, salad, fried tofu, broccoli or potatoes.

His favorite thing to do is "See babies!"  He loves hanging out with other kids.  Still asks about his cousin Lily all the time.  He knows that we are seeing her in April and was practicing songs to sing with her (ah ah you you!) when he sees her.  His still really bad about sharing.  Lately, he just grabs any toy that other kids are playing with and shouts 'Mine!'  He is quite the bully with younger children.  I'm really not sure how to handle this.  I try to redirect, remove him from the situation, make him apologize or threaten him with no more playdates.  Not much has really worked, in fact I think he has been worse the past few weeks.  Blech.  I hate to be a hovering mom, but I don't know how much to allow and when to step in.  Sigh.  Anyway..

Avinash is the only other person who really likes looking at all the albums I have put together, and often asks to look at pictures.  He loves pointing out all of his family members, reading the letters and pointing out any animal stickers.

He loves doing prayers and aarti.  He loves to 'help' light the lamp and incense (not really but he waves his hand around).  He has to be the one to put tikka on me and Ryan, and is even starting to get more accurate with placement.  I hope we get to take him to Holi this year, he is going to seriously LOVE it!!

He naps once a day and has been going to sleep super late at night. We still can't get him to sleep by himself at n ight ever since the D O G incident. So sad.

He is very affectionate and honors most requests for hugs and kisses. Even when my friend Rachel visited (who he hasn't seen very much lately), he had no problem giving her a hug and kiss at Little Gyms.

Avinash---I love you so much!  I am having such a fabulous time watching you grow up and getting to be there everyday right now!  You are so adorable and precious and you just make me so proud all the time!

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