Monday, April 16, 2012

Felt no-sew circus bunting

I made this felt pennant banner for Avinash's room yesterday evening.  It was inexpensive and easy to do, so I felt like sharing.

I bought a stack of felt from Michael's.  This stack cost 8 (4 after coupon). Yellow was missing so I bought a sheet of that as well (around 2.50 after coupon).  Everything else I used I had on hand (thus free, right?).

 Choose your colors.  I used yellow, grey, red, blue, light blue, aqua and white.

I used a piece of grey felt for a template.  I cut an isosceles triangle with a base of six inches and almost 8 inch sides.  Approximating is fine.

I was able to get three triangles out of an 8.5×11 felt sheet and five out of the 12×12 sheet.

Lay the template down on your felt sheet and start cutting.  The felt sticks to each other pretty well so I didn't need to pin it down.

I just used regular fabric scissors and tried to cut straight.  No rotary blade or trimmer needed.  Hand cutting was pretty quick luckily.  Not pinning also helped the whole thing go much faster.

Once I had a nice thick stack of triangles cut and Avinash had had his fill up running around the house throwing them in the air, I placed them in the order I liked.  A little bit random but with colors evenly distributed.

I used cotton yarn to bind the triangles together.  You can punch holes on each side and thread the yarn through. 


I just threaded a big needle and joined them individually.  This worked faster for me than punching, threading and tying.  Plus hole punches give me finger cramps.

That's it!  Find a sunny spot to hang up and enjoy.

It really brings together the room's whole decor. {These shots however are of it hanging up in my living room. Avi's room has no windows.  So, yeah, the lighting is not great in there.}  It was so quick and affordable it would make great DIY birthday party decor too. 

Avinash never had a nursery.  He always slept in a pack and play and now sleeps on my old bed from Med school.  Ever since Hawaii we have been thinking about buying him his own little bed.  Maybe he will finally sleep on his own.  We do have a yellow and grey quilt on the bed and Steelers stuff hanging up in there.  So the main theme is yellow??
I was really inspired by this IKEA circus tent.  It is currently sold out but I am waiting with baited breathe for it to be restocked.  Originally I wanted a Muppet babies theme and we do have quite the growing Muppet collection.  But it is not really a theme just a bunch of toys.  Luckily,  all of these things fit in with a circus theme.  I think.  Plus he loves Dumbo.   I think it also means I can hang up more Sanjay Ganesha posters in his room as well.    I need help with this newfangled less is more theory I keep hearing about.
The felt circus bunting is key to unifying everything I think.  Feels so good to set his whole room together. And it only took me one evening to do it.  One evening and three and half+ years give or take. Not bad.
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  1. What a great idea! I hate sewing so felt is my favorite material for craft.

  2. I love no sew projects.. the bunting looks nice in your space.. thanks for linking up at friday fun party

  3. What a very cute idea!! I love that look!

  4. Great job. It looks so fun xxx

  5. What great bunting. I am all about no sew. Miss 2 has that very circus tent in her room. She has napped inside it on more than one occasion. It is a real hit!

  6. This looks great, especially for a simple, inexpensive decoration. An entire room deco no less. Great idea, wish blogging was around when my daughter was little, sigh. Found you at Friday Fun Party.


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