Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Morning Magic

Bleary eyed from getting up way to early.

Some of us more than others.

The sun was barely up when we opened up our stockings.

Avinash is always upset because his turned out to be much smaller than the others.  Nandini and Lakshman's are huge.  She very sweetly offered to share stockings with him this year and he then offered to share his Christmas presents.  It was a very touching brother and sister moment.

Also, evidence of all the planning they do together, and sometimes scheming.

The kids had some big presents under next to the tree this year.  Santa kept one of the big boxes out, and yeah, they loved that too. 

This baby was so excited to find Elmo!  Santa and Nani both got him one this year.  Heehee.

He found one of the Elmos on Christmas Eve.  He came running into my room to wake me up, shouting "Elmo there! Elmo there!" He was jumping up and down with excitement.  It makes me laugh just to think about it.

He had his surprise but it was just a day early is all.

An indoor basketball arcade game.  

I'd say there were at least five kids in the house who loved it.  All four boys and Nandini too. 

More Elmo!  This Elmo spoon and fork have been a major help with feeding time too.

He was thrilled with his new big pack of Crayons.  He had asked Santa for a 120 pack but only found a 64 pack under the tree.  He didn't even mention it, thankfully.

He wanted to find every single new color that he had and very carefully checked each one.  Every time he found one he would get so excited.

Special present from Bappi.  Disney Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Trading Card Game, with a real lightning card inside! 

Avinash and I made Nandini some Elsa buttons.  She didn't find the Hispter Disney Princess ones I made at Halloween as funny as I did.  Especially since Ariel was wearing glasses! Ha.

Colorful books to go in her new doll house book shelf.  

When they sat down and started reading together my heart burst in a million pieces.  

I got probably the best Christmas present ever.  A brand new lens!  Probably why some of these pictures look much much better than others. 

She may have cried when she came downstairs because we didn't let her help wrap the presents, but she was pretty happy by the end.  They took their time opening gifts and seemed to play with each one for a little bit before opening the next.  I hope they make a lot of projects with all the art kits they got!  It was magical and wonderful and so much fun.

I have a few other projects going and will not get back to my December Daily until the new year.  I wanted to at least record some memories here while they are fresh.  I hope you all have a great New Year!

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