Monday, March 12, 2012

Pi Day Craft

Stretching my crafting wings and using my lovely set of Fiskars tools to make a Pi day pie chart + digits of Pi doily mobile for Nandini's birthday on Wednesday. I have always been quite the nerd and was pretty excited about having a Pi day baby. Plus, I just love pie.

 Check out the paper.  See the strawberries and cherries?  Perfect for my paper pie chart.  I cut 3 inch strips from 12 inch paper with my paper trimmer.  Then punched them with my apron lace punch.  Make a whole bunch.  I went with a pink theme, any color scheme would work.

I used my paper trimmer as a paper scorer as well.  Just slide the paper through at regular intervals and use a unleaded mechanical pencil to make the grooves instead of the blade.  I did 1/2 inch folds, which makes a nice thick pie piece.  You will need a little over 24 inches total length on the strips.  Glue the ends together of different papers to get the pie chart look. 

Join the strips into a ring (think large coffee cup insulator).  Set up a large glue dot (I used a 2 inch gluber) on a doily for my adhesive.  Pop the inside edges together and it will become a circle.  If you have a lot of trouble the strips may not be long enough.  I had to reinforce it pretty generously with small glue dots along the edges too once the pie chart was in place.

I used my 1 inch circle punch to cut out glitter circles from some AC patterned paper.  I put another glue dot under that to hold the center of the pie chart together.  I glued another doily on the back with digits of Pi on it. 

 I repeated this process several times and hung them up on twine to make a pretty mobile.  These will hang in our house for now and then be used about the pie table at her birthday party this weekend.  Ryan wants me to hang it above her crib so she can start to memorize them, ha!

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Happy Pi Day!


For 1/2 inch folds you need a paper strip that is 3 inches by 24 inches.
For 1/4 inch folds you need a paper strip that is 3 inches by 12 inches.
If you want something for a scrapbook album I recomment 1/4 inch because 1/2 inch is just too thick.
You can use liquid adhesive too just use a book to hold everything in place while the glue dries.
This is a fun project if you are a thicker addict like me and want to find a use for all those leftover numbers.

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  1. Oh this is wonderful! Our daughter was born on March 15th, so close to pi day!


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