Friday, April 5, 2013

favorite books.

Our kids, like most, love being read to. Avinash is starting to memorize short words and even read a few of the simple ones. He quickly gives up any effort if we try to push him at all but we are happy to let him learn at his own pace for now.

I do love it though when I catch him by himself 'reading' books. His little sister is starting to do the same thing too. Most of the books we read are old favorites, but we have found a few great new ones thanks to the library's weekly giveaways at storytime.

1. Orange Pear Apple Bear
This book is so silly and cute. Just these few words repeated over and over. Avi can sound out the words. Nandini tries to repeat what they say.  It is funny because she calls all these fruits oranges and her favorite lovey is a bear (which she sometimes calls a bowwow).

2. My Very First Book of Words
This book really is a wonderful first reader, especially if you have a child that loves games and is hesitant to read like ours.   The book has two rows of pages, the upper row has the words, you have to flip through the bottom row of pages to find the matching pictures.  I was amazed at how many words Avinash was able to read on his own with this book.  Definitely a keeper.

3. Spooky Old Tree
This is a very old book of Ryan's, that seems to be very early Berenstain Bears.  There is a mysterious younger brother in this book who does not seem to appear again.  There is twisty old stair and a giant bear. Both of them love to sit and listen to this book.  It is a light and easy read. Interesting enough to keep my son's attention (and mine), and quick enough to hold the baby's as well.

4. Messy Room
I loved this book as a kid and I still do now.  The organization is just inspiring. I can even get the kids to clean up their rooms every once in a while after reading this book to them.  Score. I also love that Avinash combs through all the pictures of books on the back looking for new ones he just knows he is going to love. Just like I used to too.

5. Charlotte's Web
This was the first chapter book Avinash and Ryan read together.  They did it over a week or two. We love anything by E.B. White and this was a perfect chapter book to start out with.  The story definitely held his attention.  He paid close attention to the pigs at the rodeo and has told me many a story about spiders and egg sacks since.  Ryan was amazed at how many names and details he remembered from the book. 

6. Ganesha's Sweet Tooth
Ryan recently purchased this new story book for them as well.  It is a fictionalized retelling of how Ganesha wrote down the Mahabharata epic using his tusk as a pen.  Instead of breaking it off himself, the tooth falls off after he bites into a jawbreaker laddoo.  Our children love to read books about our culture and it is always a thrill to find new ones.  Avi very proudly showed it to his Nana and asked him to read it. I think it makes them feel more connected, and I like that this book makes Hinduism a little more relatable since they get very little main stream exposure to it on a daily basis.  Being different is hard, especially when you are little. I am extremely grateful too for the few Sesame Street episodes which focus on Indian culture.  If Elmo likes ladoo, what else do I need to tell them?  { Plus, they both remembered how much they love laddoo and have finished most of my stash in the freezer. Also, am I rambling? I feel like I'm rambling.}

These books are nothing that new or groundbreaking, but I just wanted to relate our experiences with them and how they worked for us at this age (2 and 4).  Linking up with Kelly's Korner.


  1. Orange Pear Apple Bear looks so cute, I have never seen it before, thanks for sharing :)

  2. We love Orange Pear Apple Bear around here. It was a library discovery last summer!

  3. What a great thing to record. I can still remember some of the books that I used to read to my daughter.

  4. I loved Charlotte's Web when I was young :)
    My girls and I all loved the Berenstain Bears series.
    I love to see the little ones reading.
    My girls and I are all avid readers.

  5. Aww how cute are the books! I wish I had that Ganesha's Sweet Tooth book when I taught preschool. I would always try to read the kids books from diff cultures. Maybe it's good thing that I didn't hehe bec then the kids in the class would have asked for laddoos and omg after that sugar kick they would of driven me nuts! :)


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