Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Go West: Exploring Round Top

Round Top is a huge antiques fair in Texas April 3-6, just roughly 1.5 hours from Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Normally the population of Round Top is 90.  

How cute is that?

I have read about people's adventures to Round Top before, but it sounded so impossibly far away I never even considered going.  And even though I may love decorating and buying new old furniture, it is not really a necessity.

I didn't learn where it was located until last weekend when we took a one hour wrong turn cheerful country detour on our way to San Antonio last weekend and literally drove through Round Top.

Combine this amazing discovery with the fact that we are moving soon and I suddenly want all the things I've been pinning, I mean pining, over for years. 

Luckily it was no trouble at all convincing Ryan to go too.  We decided to make a day trip of it and opted out of renting a uhaul or anything. Many places offer shipping and we were planning a second trip later with friends anyway.

 We brought both kids.  People were really sweet to them all day.  They both got candy, which tasted like ice cream with chocolate chips on it. Apparently. Avinash also ate three donuts (poor Nandini only had one). Which is good because he has really been craving them since seeing an episode of Curious George with 100 dozen donuts.

We worked on the 'one finger rule'. He was very good about it.


There is so much to take in. We just walked around for a while and gawked.

Apparently having a huge move coming up makes me lose the urge to do many things like do laundry and pick up clutter and toys all over the floor for the 80th time in a day.  But, the need to buy huge marquee letters for the kids? Sky high. 

Antique multicolored abacus? I never even knew that I wanted this! (I didn't get it, but it is so cute, sigh).

How do we feel about this tiara? Not enough or too much?

This solar system model is so cool.  But cost way too much (400? No way. Sorry.)

There are a ton of cute pieces for scrapbookers too.  I didn't get much, but it was good to get ideas and just fun to see what was there.  Love all the old post office cabinets and printers trays.

We actually bought the most stuff at this little tent stop right off of 290.  The prices seemed much better there than at the big tent places.  By this time is was raining so I didn't get any pictures of our finds, but I promise some tomorrow!

We ended our trip with pie, so even the kids were happy.  And, I totally did not bring home like five extra slices for later. Nope, not even one.

I am counting this for the JBS Centipede blog challenge ... take a walk.  Take a walk we did. 


  1. What an awesome place! So many cool finds. Thanks for sharing your fab photos. :)

  2. Oh, heaven! I'm spying such cool stuff there!! You are adorable. I always look forward to your blog!

  3. What a fun trip! LOVE those letters!

  4. I wish we had cool antique shops in my area.

  5. Oh my goodness this sounds like a great place to look around>
    I love the old cameras :)

  6. I would love to visit this place - looks like you had a great time!

  7. what a cool post! Sounds like a real fun and magical place ;-)

  8. Looks so wonderful, I see stuff I want in almost every picture. I've been dreaming about going too. Maybe next year I can organize us enough to go. Not sure how my crazy boys would behave though.

  9. Round Top looks like a great flea market. Love your finds!


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