Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"This is me...."

I signed up for a new scrapbooking class over at Studio Calico.  It is all about documenting yourself.  A novel concept in my memory keeping to be sure. 

I haven't even selected an album to use for this and I have already hit a wall.  Everything I think of is somehow in relation to my children.  I love them a lot, but I am struggling to find my own voice. 

Maybe I'm overthinking this project just a little and need to dive right in. 

To be honest, the class itself has frustrated me a lot.  Starting with the name. This is me?  That is not a sentence.  And, part of being 'me' is being a grammar nerd.  Sorry, so no, I don't want to title my album "this is me", it just makes my skin crawl. 

Also, most of the example pages are about people's possessions.  I am just not into that.  I think collections can be fun, but to me, it is just not as page-worthy as people and emotions. 

See? I told you I was overthinking this. 

Our lives keep getting more and more busy.  And, seem to be getting more so.  I am inspired by my friend who says she sits down for fifteen minutes or so each night to put something together.  That is going to be my new goal.  And I will share what I come up when it does finally start coming together.  Thanks for listening.


  1. I looked at that class, but I'm just awful at writing about myself. Maybe that's the point though. :o/
    Can't wait to see how you tackle it!

  2. I know what you mean about hitting a wall in finding your own voice. My son definitely dominates my PL pages. Even ideas for scrapbook pages/albums are usually in relation to him or vacations we have taken. Lately I've been feeling that I am so 'boring' and don't know how I got that way! Time to do some self-reflection!

  3. I have been meaning to scrapbook about me as well. But I still haven't done one page.
    My life revolves around my children and family as well.
    Maybe try and focus on your life before your children?

  4. I have just recently found your blog and your creative work, and enjoy your layouts very much. And I find your humor and attitude refreshing. I agree about seeing layouts on possessions --boring! Except for me, if it's handmade, I have a terrible weakness for crafts, etc. In re. to sharing about yourself. . .my hope, when writing about myself is share to my loved ones what it's like just being me. In all of my wonderful highs & gritty lows; although, I am a true optimist. My own Mother seemed to have lost her voice in growing up & marrying & having children; I determined that my children & loved ones know of how I experienced the days as they came. . .wow, I digress. Anyway, I shall frequent your blog as I find your cheerfulness contagious.


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