Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Life: Week 14 Adventure

 This week: We went to Round Top to look at antiques and eat pie (twice!). We found out that Ryan got a new job in Austin.  We took bluebell pictures (for the second week in a row) at this lovely place near Brenham on 290.  Just a huge field filled with flowers.  We decorated eggs and hung out with friends. Nandini started trying to mimic letters with her crayons. Avi tried to play April Fool's jokes but was always giving away the punchline.  

The whole spread. Always so happy when I remember to take a picture of everything. I'm going to miss this wood when we move.

First Side: Most of my pictures in this album are daytime pictures. So, when I saw this picture Ryan took one evening I decided to put it in.  It is a bit yellow and dark, but I have so few unposed shots of me and the kids I wanted to include it anyway.

I printed out a collage sheet of photos from Round Top and wanted a quick& seamless way to put them on my spread.  I made two journaling cards using a Paislee Press kit.  Then I took a ombre'd piece of BG patterned paper and chopped it to fit into the pockets. 
I like that the ombre lets your eye know that it is one paper and one set of photos. Interspersing it with those kraft cards helps it from becoming one heavy block on the side of the page. I put woodgrain thickers across three pockets to further emphasize their continuity. I had some old banner chipboard pieces that I added to each card.  Then I drew a few thin outlines around each card and just filled in my journaling between the photos.  All together I think it looks surprisingly good for how cluttered it is.

Technically this picture is from the day before our easter egg hunt. Oh well.  Love the simplicity of the midnight kit (I am using the digi kit). I trimmed a Becky Higgins Holiday Mini kit to get the 'easter egg hunt' tab. Those chipboard alphas are Basic Grey.

This is easily my favorite part of the spread. I stamped a Studio Calico stamp in neon pink (just like I did here), added a border of rainbow stripe washi and black thickers for contrast. 
I split the blue sky photo between two pockets and I added my journaling on a die cut kraft circle. It is a lot of color, but I love it.  

 Side two: I used a Paislee Press woodgrain card for the new month. A BH holiday mini kit card for the 'Sunday Brunch' picture of Avi in front of the periodic table. I split another photo of him and just journaled about some random stuff that came to mind about him. 
I put a 3x4 polaroid frame around the four of us in the bluebell picture.  Always so nice when people offer to take a group shot for you. 
I added this picture of me and Nandini from Day in the Life. The journaling circle is from Chic Tags, with a little wood veneer camera on top. I used the self-timer to get this picture.  Nandini wanted nothing else to read her book.

 Nandini was such a doll this day.  She just decided it was the perfect time for coloring outside and out she went. I used another BH Holiday Mini Kit card trimmed and topped with those same black thickers. Her actual drawing was washed out in the photo so I used that space for journaling. Also love how you can still see the Holi powder all over the rug outside.

Brother&sister. They both look so vulnerable here. Pulls at my heart strings. I added a few brother sister stickers to the side. I wasn't sure about them, but they refused to lift off after I put them down.  I guess they add color to this side anyway.
Just wanted to let you all know that  I am offering free domestic shipping in my Etsy shop on all orders over $10 to celebrate spring, just type in RAINBOWS at checkout.  If you are international, email me and I can send you a slightly different code (kumar.niru at  Thank you everybody! 
 Let me know if you have any questions. Linked up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kits I am using are the Seafoam kit and Clementine kit, with multi-pack page protectors, and grid journaling cards.  Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. Also, please include a link to your projects below so we can check them out too! 


  1. I absolutely love this spread. It's interesting how you have split several of photos. It looks cool how you have done it. I will have to try that. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is a gorgeous spread and my fave is without a doubt the neon pink skyline. How exciting that you will be heading to Austin.

  3. love the hot pink city scape!!

  4. This is fabulous. I love the design, the details, and the fabulous

  5. Your project life spreads are always my favorite. I love the splash of neon pink you added with that city stamp!

  6. I love the pink city scape! I have always wanted to visit Austin, I've heard it's a super fun city!

  7. I really like how you used stickers across 3 pockets to group them together. I will have to try that

  8. Love your pages! Especially how your photos straddle across pockets like having mini layouts. So interesting and captivating.

  9. oh wow! what a week! and a move? lots in store for you :) Fun Fun!

  10. Love the pictures this week, especially the family in the blue bells and the kids hugging.

  11. Hi Niru!

    Love your pl pages!! Aww the pics of the kids are so cute! I'm sure they would love to look back through the albums in the future. I just ordered some neon inks on sale can't wait to get em! Love your neon city-scape. You guys are so lucky to have nice weather. It is actually still snowing here today :( I love your silhouette cut outs as well I'm planning to get a sil portrait soon. Thanks for always commenting on my blog. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend :)

    xoxo hugs

  12. Wow, there are still a lot of bluebonnets in your area. I live NW Austin and ours are all fading. I love the cityscape in Neon Pink - great layout!

  13. There is so much I love about this spread! The way you recorded your trip to Round Rock is fantastic.
    I'm hoping it's dry enough for bluebonnet pictures tomorrow! I finally found a good field here and it poured.

  14. Wow your pages provide so much inspiration! I love the idea of running photos onto other pockets! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I totally love the colourful business of these. SOme of the prettyest I have ever seen


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