Friday, April 12, 2013

You Laugh..

I am playing along with another Centipede challenge from the JBS mercantile forum today.  I'm still a little bummed that I didn't get time to play Calvinball last month, but I am trying to make up for it now..

I made this layout with the 'stamp on text paper' challenge in mind.  Actually, I thought they meant notebook paper at first, so I included this sheet from a new Rifle&Co. notebook, (my new major score from Target). 

I used this sheet of Wren patterned paper that did have text on it, without realizing it was for the challenge.  From there I stenciled the medallions in teal chalk ink and punched some blue patterned paper to sit in the center.  I messy stamped this butterfly + text bookplate stamp over it.  The layers are part of a JBS hodge podge book that I took apart.  I love the old check printed on a transparency. I used vanilla glitter thickers and red JBS letter stickers for the title. 

 I decided to add a few more stamps because I was itching to use my new Ormolu stamp sets - montage and

The ribbon is some old velvet trim I got from my mom's stash. (See? Doesn't that make you feel better about hoarding stuff? Our children may someday find and be enthralled with it!)

I have one last JBS project to share, which I created for the JBS inspiration blog.

I need to get started on my project life layout for last week.  I am no where with "This is Me" yet. Maybe this weekend.  That's all for now. Hope you guys will play along with the JBS centipede challenge too!

Here is my count so far:
1. Take a walk - Our walk around Round Top (why not?)
2. Nature in the home - My Patio Garden


  1. Love your stamping on text paper...I did the same the with my hodge podge look book on a couple of layouts!!! Both layouts are wondeful!! :) Evie

  2. gorgeous! i especially love that grid you made with the blues! great layering!

  3. Beautiful layouts. I just love all the beautiful things you included in the first page. Gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful pages! I love the tone-on-tone stamping with the silver ink!

  5. Wow! Such special pages! Really something different!

  6. Ooh, the blue stamping looks amazing! Stunning page! x

  7. love all of these! I've gotta get playing!

  8. absolutely beautiful

  9. Love the color combinations and the embossing you really think outside the box! :)


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