Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Avinash's POV

Meet Avinash's newest friend. A little stuffed Janie and Jack monkey.

Also know as E-O. As in Eeee-eee-oooh (picture the arm motions here as well).

I guess my photograph was not up to his standards so he decided to shoot E-O himself.

This was followed by a few more candid shots.

I love the angles of his on the floor shots. I'm amazed at the focus he is able to get. His up in the air shots are a lot blurrier.

Then I posed for some pictures too.

I finally wrested the camera for him and tried to get the same pose.

First I got a shot of his leg.

Then this full shot.

Why are his pictures better focused than mine?? Sigh. I do love this on floor POV though and am going to continue experimenting with it. Any tips on other creative point of view shots to try?

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