Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Party Planning and crafty stuff.

I am so excited about Avinash's birthday party this weekend. We are trying to keep it low key, but there is still so much to do. Even my mom and my brother are coming to Houston for the party. It is going to be mostly adults there though.. I ordered a cake, balloons and dusted off my old facepainting kit. I have been dying to face paint Avinash and finally can now that he is two!! I'm a little worried because he does have sensitive skin, especially on his face. But Krylon is more gentle than regular make up so hopefully it will be okay. The only dilemna is what to paint him as? We have sooo many halloween costumes for him and I think it would be cute to put in a costume for part of the day at least. Giraffe maybe? We'll see.
I see so many cute handmade decorations online that I decided to try my hand at a personalized banner at least. I figure that I can probably hang it up in his room after the party as well.

Here is how it turned out:

I used 8x8 textured cardstock, hand drew the letters in crayon and then let Avinash scribble on them afterwards. That was probably the best part. I added a little crepe paper border. I chose yellow since Avinash's room is grey and yellow (plus black and gold for all the Steelers stuff). Then just used a little blue twine to string them up. We do not have a mantle so I am not sure where to hang it. The ladder railing works for now but I may move it to the patio for the party.

I also have a store bought birthday banner for the patio and these really cute felt halloween gift bags from Target. I still need to buy candy and can definitely use that 'decorate' too.

We have really been getting into board games lately. One of our favorites is Agricola, a farming-family board game. It allows you to build up your family, plant vegetables and gather livestock. The pieces are different wooden discs or blocks.
Well, after playing at a friend's house we discovered that it could be so much more. So I bought some modeling clay and started creating my own little vegetables and animals. I only have carrots, pumpkins and cows so far.

I love how the turned out, I think the little cow noses are soo cute!

Okay, my mom arrives tonight and the countdown is on!


  1. You're the second person I know to make Agricola pieces! I've thought about it, but I tend to use all my crafty time with knitting. :)

  2. Ooooh knitting. I could use some ideas on that, I want to knit a blanket or something for our new little one soon.
    The agricola pieces are a lot of fun if you have time, and the clay or fimo (sp?) is cheap.


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