Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Baby

Nandini is a great baby.  Very sweet, calm and loving. 

But she doesn't laugh a lot.

We usually get this.

And sometimes a lot of this.

But she was absolutely and completely overjoyed to have her Nana, Nani and Mamaji here for the weekend.

Sitting on Nana's lap and laughing at all of Nani's jokes.

Playtime with Avinash was more fun too all of a sudden (she's laughing and trying to find a way into Avi's tent).  It was so funny and cute to see how she would crawl across my Dad to get to Avinash and get into whatever toys he had.  Sometimes my Dad would get both of them asleep in the morning.  One morning Avi woke up, saw Nandini sleeping next to him and told Nana- "Oh, I love her so much!"  So amazing (especially given his otherwise jealous behavior recently.)

She was even more happy and excited with us.  It's like, Ryan would walk in the room and she would get so excited.  "Oh my god! It's Bapi, wow!!  Hi! HAHAHA!"  (This, or a very close facsimile was definitely going through her mind several times a day.)  Hopefully we can keep her happy now that everyone else is gone.  Soon, she may be asking to go to the airport to see Nana and Nani just as much as Avinash.

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