Saturday, October 22, 2011

more baby album pages

I can't stop working with all of Nandini's baby pictures.  I already have one full album entirely of Nandini and two more with mostly her stuff in it.  Some of the pictures are sort of new because I finally printed the ones from my Dad's iphone. 
This one I never scrapped because I initially hated it.  I thought I looked so gross, but it was a great moment and that's all that really matters.  The paper is really busy but I tried to balance it with simple kraft borders and journaling stickers.

This picture cracks me up and I finally got it on paper.  I kept it simple with some tissue border strips and chipboard butterflies.  I created all of these pages over two days, so simplicity was key.

A rare two page spread.  I save all these little bits of paper and love being able to use them.  Unfortunately it gives me hives trying to match them all correctly, even though they are all pink or pastel.  I love the final look when it turns out right though.  These are most of the iphone photos from my Dad.

This and the next one are of Nandini at different times but wearing the same hoodie.  I loved the pattern on it and knew I would eventually find a matching paper.  I was also waiting to get that heart punch you see from Martha Stewart.  It had little holes all around the heart shape so I can easily stitch a border around the heart.  I love that. 

I think I may have used too much of heart paper here, but I like the buttons and embroidery.  And the ruler, which Ryan wanted me to paste right next to her mouth so we could really measure how big the yawn was, sheesh.

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