Friday, October 21, 2011

Houston Zoo Boo

Avinash had no school today for some reason, so I took up a friend on the offer of a morning zoo outing. Plus, it is Zoo Boo time right now, so there are lots of cute little activities all over the place.  And, I like to dress them up (and myself, you know, just to fit in...ahem. Don't judge me!).

Just two little kittens out on the town (that's my Cheshire cat hat if you can't tell).

Fireman, one of the few costumes Mr. Avi will deign to wear.  He also now loves eating bagels with white cheese, mmm, really good as he says.  Just wait until he gets to try a real H&H bagel.  New York is in his blood.  (Born in Texas but made in New York, ha!)

Yes, my friend wore a crazy hat too.  Totally unplanned, but awesome.

He loved the elephants of course.  He calls them hathi's as well.  He kept counting them, their were about 7 or 8 visible at any given time.  Which made him really worry about where the other 2 or 3 (to make a complete set of 10) were.  The baby elephants are still so cute and now they have a little pool to splash in.  He was more into the elephants than the trick-or-treating going on anyway.

Our little kitten at the pumpkin patch.  She got red paint all over the place trying to help Avi decorate his pumpkin.

These are the best I could do with one hand because I was to afraid to not keep my hand on her the whole time.  Avi is just excited here because he is looking for his little friend JP.  They had a scavenger hunt which he only completed half of.  We may come back over the weekend when they have some more activities, including a thriller dance lesson!!!, and finish it up. 

I was completely and totally exhausted afterwards, so luckily Ryan took us all out to lunch.  I thought Avi would be full after eating lots of almonds, carrots and pomegranate seeds, but he asked the waitress a dozen times for tofu.  And then ate all of Ryan's rice with egg and only half of his own food.  Nandini wanted to try everything and loudly and happily screamed unless we gave her a constant stream of rice, carrot and tofu pieces. I had a great strong cup of Vietnamese coffee too, which was probably my favorite part of the meal, yumm.  Still totally exhausted though.  Both kids are now home and fast asleep.  And I'm thinking about joining. 

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