Friday, October 7, 2011

He is three!

Happy 3rd Birthday Avinash!!!

We are so proud of what a sweet, cute, smart and loving little boy you are becoming! 

I still can't get over how your eyes were wide open when you were born. 

Mine apparently were not. I look so tired then too, but had no clue what was in store for me.

Your expression makes me laugh so much here.

I have so much to do right now to get ready for your party and I should be taking advantage of this one tiny golden hour of dual-babies-napping-in-sync time. 

But I'm not.  Instead I'm uploading baby pictures of you Avinash and marveling at how tiny you were and yet how similar your facial expressions still are. 

You have grown up a lot in the past year though.  Potty training, starting school, becoming a big brother (maybe I should have mentioned that one first hehe).  But, seriously the potty training thing was a big deal.

You are a little too crazy about watching TV for my tastes, but you still love going to the museo, running down the hill in the park, racing with your Bapi, playing hide and seek, reading books, writing and drawing.  You have certain three letter words memorized, like pig, hat, and cat, etc, and are starting to know how to read a bit as well.  You definitely don't have flashcards or anyone pushing you or anything like that.  I think it mostly comes from watching word world. 

I love your happiness, unbounded joy, exuberant spirit and budding confidence.  You are extroverted when you want to be and such a little charmer!

You are not the best at sharing still, but you do love your friends.  We got to see you in your element at school today and it was so amazing!  On the walk to the temple you and Nisha instantly locked hands and did not let go for a single second until you got in your seats.  I may have taken like 50 pictures of you two (for the slideshow, ha!!).

We had a cute little family moment at Temple with you. 

And listened to your very proudly say your name on stage with the other birthday boys!  Too bad we never thought to teach you the date of your birthday, ooops.   (You also told me, "Mommy, I eat challah up there later.") I love how handsome and proud you are to be up on stage.

You got to have a sprinkles cupcake at home for lunch and now we are desperately waiting for Nana and Nani to get here on a 'boom this evening.

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