Sunday, January 1, 2012


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I am not posting any new year's resolutions.

I am not even sure I have any, other than to just say 2012 IS going to be happy, joyous and good. And that is not a wish. Just a statement.

I mostly just want to be.

I could go back and look at all I may have missed out on or not measured up to in 2011, but I don't feel like it. Not one little bit. I know I'm not perfect, but I'd rather not dwell on it.

I keep reading on pinterest that 'nothing tastes as good as thin feels'. I sort of fool myself into thinking that is true when I read it. But then I thought about it. And when I was thin (I used to really be thin, at more than point in my life), I never felt thin and that fact alone never made me feel good. I always worried about my thighs and my belly. Even my friends told me I had a big butt (I didn't), we used to laugh about it (who remembers mindar??). I didn't mind that, but it's funny because now I really do but I know it could be bigger and has been. 'Nothing tastes as good as thin feels' is a ridiculous statement. The point is, I suppose, I will not be making any weight loss resolutions either. Especially since after I bragged, er, posted on fb that I only needed to lose ten more pounds of baby weight I never lost a single pound after that. I blame the internet, I really do.

I want to take a minute to just BE.  Maybe that is not intentional enough, maybe that is not smart enough, but that is all. 

Thanks to all who read my blog, I really appreciate the support.  It is a great outlet for me, even if saying half this stuff in real life would embarass me.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.

    I love how you blame the internet for not losing any more weight after you posted on FB. That made me laugh.

    Happy New Year!

  2. this is beautiful. and very true. i just want to be too.xoxo

  3. HI Nirupama!! love your blog!! Dont know how I ahve not come you across you for so long :)
    Here is my pinterest link for birthday parties
    though it kinda has got mixed up into my edible love category too

    Happy new year! This month I took a break from blogging my heart but yours is so true. We get so lost nowadays, trying to do everything, that nothing gets done for me....

  4. That's a great mindset to start the year. I follow you on that one. So let us BE. Cheers from Bordeaux, FR


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