Thursday, January 26, 2012

Survival Mode

We are in survival mode this week.

Nandini is teething something awful and has bitten me twice in addition to grinding her own teeth all the time.  Sophie the Giraffe gets the real brunt of it actually.  She sometimes bites her, gets mad and throws her across the room.  Is it wrong to laugh?? 

And, Avi skipped pre-school yesterday because I was terrified of getting caught in another flood, especially since I had to bring the baby with me.

So, yeah.  Things get a little crazy.  Baths get skipped.  But, we nap.  There is no skipping of the naps. 

When the rain let up a little bit I took them out in the stroller to unwind a bit.  It was too cold to get out and play anything though.

Signs of the repaving going on in our neighborhood right now.  I tried to get Avi into it and showed him as many of the steps as I could.  We also read about it in our What People Do Everyday Richard Scary book.  I remember my mom did this me when I was little and hope I lived up to the task myself.  Although, honestly, he was ambivalent about it.  He does seem to remember a lot of it though given how little he seemed to be paying attention.  He just checked the ground today to see if it still felt hot from the tar.

Nandini just enjoyed being out and eating her cheerios with different scenery.  Like, dripping rose bushes. 

I didn't even notice she was smiling in the background of this picture until now.  Unbearable cuteness, argh!

I was amazed because I managed to keep them busy with very little television.  Which meant that we watched SuperWhy all morning today.  We did pop out to the museum for a bit.  My plan was to keep it low key and hang out in the library.

This was not Nandini's plan.

She kept scooting and alternately crawling away.  She would head right out the door every time I picked up her and brought her back.  She screamed when I held her until I let her down.  So, Avi and I abandoned story time and followed her out.  Obviously, this girl was on a mission!  (And, Avi and I were delighted to see what she was up to).

After that she kept turning around to make sure we were following her.  She headed straight for the stairs and wriggled right up them.  Now, we don't have stairs in our apartment so she has had no practice at this.  I guess she just worked out how to do and needed to try it that instant!

Her independent spirit and strong will still manage to astound me sometimes.  Maybe standing and walking are next?

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