Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

So, I'm not sure if I'm going to get time to scrap yesterday in my project life album as soon as I want.  I want to at least write about it here. 

Yesterday was the perfect project life day.  Totally average but filled with amazing moments.

We ate an early dinner of maggi so we decided to go for a walk in the evening.  Avinash made me get out his purple beep for the walk and his drawing thing.  It me a minute to realize why.  We had been doing the coloring activity book all day so I didn't know if he wanted to continue that.  Then he kept taking about the moon.  We drew a map to the moon together, but it wasn't enough for him.  Need to add lot more stuff! Forest, jungle, trees...  Hmm, glad he knows that those are all different things. 

So, we drew a little bit of Harold and the purple crayon on every page.  We have only read the book a few times, but he remembered a lot of it.  We drew the road, the apple tree, the dragon under it, the ocean and boat.  He drew the mountain and the moon himself.  But he couldn't find the window around the moon.

And, when we went outside he was clutching his purple crayon and paper pad in the stroller when we saw this big beautiful full moon.  It was magical. 

The Steelers lost their wild card game.  Avinash woke up from his nap just in time for their first touchdown.  He really wanted to watch cartoons, but he got so excited by the touchdown and grabbed his terrible towel.  So happy about his excitement at least.  And, towards the end, he was wondering why mommy was mad.  I explained to him about the bad blue guys and good yellow guys.  He really got into that as well and started shouting at the tv at the end of the game.  Hey! You kidding me! I said no blue guys.  Blue guys bad, yellow is good!!  Sigh.  And, can I just say I hate how people are turning this into some moral victory.  Pittsburgh is not some godless sinful city.  Pittsburgh is full of good people and most of the team and the fans are awesome.  God loves us too (hello, six rings?!). 

Yesterday was a big day for Nandini as well. 

Nandini learned to say buh.

It was like watching Newton discovering gravity.  Well, not exactly.  She actually discovered a few weeks ago already.  But, experiments are ongoing while she works out a few more equations.  We are here willing lab assistants who pick up all of her various trials - different cheerios, books, papers, balls mostly. 

Avinash was pretty excited to see it.  "B says buh!"  Apparently the big unanswered question that Nandini was struggling to figure out was  "what sound does the letter B make?"

So she spent the rest of the entire evening saying "buh!!!!!!"  with as much emphasis as she could manage.  She definitely said baba, but not quite Bappi.  I wonder, will Ryan be called Bappi by all our children now?  I loved seeing how proud she was to be saying it. 

Not exactly her first word, but it was almost unbearably cute to see.  I swear she did say Ganga in the midst of her babble the other day.  And, when we visited our friend Garima in the hospital Nandini was holding on to the bed rail and toddling around the bed.  She toddled as close to Garima as possible, waved her hand and said "hi" clear as a bell, though i'm not sure anyone else heard her. 

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