Sunday, January 15, 2012

Avinash is so cool...


am printing out so many pictures for project life. I tried plain paper, glossy photo paper and cardstock at home. Then gave up and ordered from Ritz. And ended up forgetting the one picture I really wanted so I printed that one from home later on cardstock. Included all four types of photo in my spread.

finished a whole box of mother's milk tea in less than 3 days.  Nandini's weight gain in slowing down and need to do something about it.  Hoping to avoid formula.  Does anyone have any advice or is it too late for nursing to help?

really miss coffee even though I think it probably causes weight gain (something to do with cyclic AMP, I don't know, I worked it all out in my head and then I forgot).

still feel so thankful I sit behind the wheel that we made home through the flood in one piece.
wonder if this blog will someday embarrass my kids in like twenty years.  Makes me laugh to think that it might.

love these random google searches that have lead people here:
lick Nandini story
avinash is so cool (this one has been searched multiple times, ha!) 

All I can say is, not sure who you are looking for, and if it is yourself the answer is probably no, but this Avinash definitely is so cool.

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