Thursday, January 5, 2012

Becky Higgin's Project Life - Big Picture according to Niru

So, like, this is basically day one of my project life experience, unless you count yesterday opening the box and getting organized…obviously i’m not an expert.

First – Why all the drama? Why worry about what each child gets and gets to take with them??? You think a lot of really cool college freshman lug 18 photo albums from their mom to their dorm room? Not really. And, probably not a good idea anyway. Kids may page through them every once in while, and then again with significant others over christmas, etc. To expect more is a little far fetched, in my opinion.
If YOU are going to scrapbook then do it for YOU!
That being said. I just can’t help loving so many things about project life. Especially the colors in clementine. My first page was additional pictures not already scrapped of my son’s birthday in October.
I love it so much, I can’t even tell you. I love taking a million pictures at events and I hate not including all of them. I had already made like 5 layouts of that day, but this was the perfect way to include all the ones I felt were missing. And so much fun to do.
It is kind of like scrapbooking within a haiku. All the little precut boxes give you more freedom to be creative.
I am going to incorporate project life pages along with the rest of my layouts. Sometimes with everyday pictures that don’t need their layout, and sometimes all those great extra photos from big events. All I bought was two packs of page protectors and the clementine core kit. I think it is working out already.

Avi's third birthday.  All the previous layouts were great, but I was starting to notice a theme--Avinash and Nisha, Avinash and Nisha, Avinash and Nisha.  So, in the spirit of remembering that other kids attended his party I made this two page spread as well.  Don't worry, Nisha still figures pretty prominently though, ha!  (And most of the adults are totally excluded--sorrry guys.)

I used these Jenni Bowlin vintage flashcards and the basic Clementine stickers.  I was never big on doing flashcards for myself or my kids, but I like them in scrapbooks, go figure.  And I redid this little card about five times before liking it.  Luckily those little PL stickers and very forgiving.

The day after I got home from Christmas vacation I was wondering what to do with all the little scraps littering my desk.  Oh yeah...project life! Those little pockets are perfect for scraps of paper I can't bare to part with.  A lot of these are leftover from my Disney album(s).  I use this red striped glitter paper on every other layout now.  And, a perfect chipboard star, if only there were more in the package.

B-side.  Avinash turns 3 in Candyland.  I pretty much bought these candy cane thickers for the sole purpose of spelling out Candyland with them.  They seem more vibrant in the picture than they are in real life.  I kept it simple, but still had fun with it.  And, found a new use for washi tape.  Plus, it kind of gives that film reel look that I still love.  That brand is actually really sturdy, repositionable and more high quality than most.

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  1. Hi Nirupama! Guess what? You're one of the winners of the de-stashing giveaway on my blog. You won the stamps! :)
    I just need a mailing address, and I will be sending you a box of goodies soon. You can reach me at sprott678 at gmail dot com. Congratulations!


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