Monday, January 16, 2012

project life - week one

I guess I totally skipped New Years and all that. There are a bunch of things from this week not included, like a trip to the Zoo and a couple of dinner with friends.   But, I'm not one for a lot of eating out pictures and different stuff will work it's way in eventually! 

I used one page protector and two sheets of cardstock for this week.  I really liked Nicole's one page per week idea (fellow brain enthusiasist and scrapbooker), check out her week one here.  I had some issues printing out photos.  I wanted to get it done while everything felt fresh. I tried our photo printer at home and got these pictures.  This one was a test sheet on copy paper.  And? I loved it.  It just looks so unique to me, I had to include it.  I didn't even put it in a 12x12 page protector, just punched holes in the cardstock.  I wanted to keep it super simple and debated about adding anything else at all, but I really love the way the title turned out.  Lots of different thickers and one spare grocery store doily.  I am not going to include any journaling or dates so far.  These are the highlights essentially from husband's iPhone in 2011.

This is another attempt at home printing.  The ink just would not dry on the glossy paper (which I hate anyway, but it's all I have at home).  Ryan thought it looked cool so I added this sheet too.  I knew if I put it in plastic the ink would just smudge all over that so I have a piece of blank cardstock facing this.  I just wet the crayon from this story, slid the wrapper off and stapled that to the photo.  I love the look of layering with die cuts so I couldn't resist doing it again this week.  I really like both sides even though it's not meant to be double sided. I also embossed a little studio calico moon stamp in lavender behind the die cut.  You can just barely see it peeking through the 'window'.

I included three stories from this week, the purple crayon, Nandini saying 'buh', the flood and a picture of Saturday mornings here.  This drawing is as close to memoribilia as I've gotten with PL, but I like cutting it up and slipping it into adjacent windows.  In addition to a couple of Clementine cards I added some OA label stickers and sticky keys letters, washi tape and more thickers.  I used an office stamp to stamp the dates and kept messing up, but I think that adds to the artistry here, don't you?  I guess I'm still into actual titles versus week 1, jan, etc.  I think they just make a page feel complete to me.  I couldn't fit this one entirely on one card so I just stuck one word on the outside of the pp.  I hope that they don't fall off.

Of course I couldn't leave the plain cardstock alone so I added the rest of the coloring pages tied up with twine and the same smudgy photo from the glossy paper printed on cardstock.  I think it's a great effect.  Ryan's reaction was great, "Oh? It's great to experience it and then see it here right now."  Maybe I'm one step closer to getting him to write some more stories down as well.

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  1. These are great shots. I love how you wrote instagram. :) Thanks for linking up.

  2. Love the crayon paper. We love Harold and the Purple Crayon, so loved your pages.

  3. Am totally in love with how Instagram turned out, so fabulous!


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