Friday, January 6, 2012

I am...

I used to have a website in high school with my random musings on it.  Like, my experience dying my hair called 'Seeing Red' or another article that I basically wrote for English 'Dark of Heartness'.  I was very clever with the titles too.
I also had a lot of favorite poems and quotes on there too.  And I was obsessed with the counter at the bottom. Obsessed.  I watched that thing like a hawk.  (Still do...)
And, I had a Calvin and Hobbes section.  I lovingly scanned almost every single comic strip I had from books and the paper and uploaded them onto my site.  It was a long process. 
My favorite stuffed animal growing up was a little tiger.  My mom gave it to me when I was around 3 after I requested a puppy.  She was smart like that.
So yeah, I like tigers.  And I was randomly thinking about this comic strip the other day.  Because Avinash likes them too so we talk about them alot. Especially since he now plays with my stuffed tiger, he bought one for Nana at Christmas, and especially since he saw a certain show about Bengal tigers. 

And thus, I realized something...
I am the paper tiger mother.

You know. The type of mother who never remembers to do flash cards with her kids, but pastes them into her scrapbook if they have pretty pictures.  The type who encourages new skills for their photographic potential over any awards. The type of mother that is fiercely loyal, strong but not strict. The type who pretends not to notice when the kids eat dirt (since its good for their immune system anyway).
the end.

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