Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happiness Cues

Day in the Life was a wonderful thing because it allowed me to think about some of those little things which make me so happy but often go by unnoticed.  And in that spirit I wanted to jot them down before I forget this list that keeps running through my head.

The rain -- not the endless flooding, but my happy little boy, splashing in every puddle he can find in his green monster galoshes. 

Coffee and tea.  In all forms.  This is so trite, but when you get a cup that is the perfect temperature and just sweet enough everything feels better.  In the hospital, studying, at home I have always felt this to be true.

Avi's floor bed.  We moved Avi's bed off the frame and pushed it into the corner.  The whole room feels bigger and lighter, despite having no windows.  We sit, do puzzles, read books, a lot now.  Having a real play room makes a big difference for us.

Prosaic and poetic literary quotes

Target.  I get more complements on my bag that I bought in their girls section than anything else I wear (nautical striped harajuku mini tote bag thank you very much).  I hate to even take the tag off.

And this Jason Wu dress. So what if I had to literally grab it off the rack while ten other girls tried to pounce on it at the same time?  And, I think it looks even better in person.

All things rainbow.  Avinash loves to play the 'rainbow game' in the car where we all try to find things of different colors. 

Nandini playing peekaboo and pattycake, waving and clapping all the time.  It is just too too cute.  That and all the love from my family and friends.  Should write about that stuff more, but I don't want to jinx it. 

I would write more but I can't think of all the millions of things I wanted to write anymore.  At least I got these things down.  Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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