Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yesterday...playdate at the museum with a new friend.  Avinash got along with him really well despite the age difference.  It makes me so happy to see him being friendly with other babies.  Nandini was just trying to keep up since she could only crawl after them.
Today....Avinash crawled into bed with me right before we needed to get up and get ready for school.  I let him stay and we both fell back asleep until Nandini woke up a little while later.  I fed them yogurt and waffles.  Nandini went back down for nap #1 and I ate some cobbler for breakfast (so healthy I know).  I resisted the urge to let Avi watch TV since we obviously were not going to make it to school this morning.  He played by himself with his games for at least an hour while I finished eating and puttering around the house.  He requested a second waffle and I relented on the TV finally after the fifty-millionth request.  Great I know.  Got a phone call from his school.  Love how I am still getting in trouble with the teacher after all these years for being tardy.  It was after 1 o clock and Nandini was still sleeping so I went in to wake her up.  I finished getting them ready and we went to lunch for fries and muffins at Tiny Boxwoods (instead of going to the gym like I should have!).  It was a super nice day out and the kids were amazingly well behaved.  Avinash kept asking the waiter to make him fries, it was adorable.  Nandini had a few bites of my beet burger but was serious about her muffin.  All parts of the muffin buttom were discarded and any stray pieces of muffin top were quickly grabbed off the plate.  Avi was too slow to get much of the muffin at all.  He was pretty happy with his fries though and even more excited when he discovered how much the birds liked them too.  Luckily these birds were not over-civilized and did not come too close.  I tried to explain to him that they would come closer to him if he would sit down and wait for them instead of chasing them.  He followed this advice...for a short while anyway.  I knew I should have brought my camera to lunch.  Managed to take both of them to the grocery store and get them (now sleeping at this point) and all groceries upstairs in one piece.  Victory!!  Now they are still sleeping and I am trying to decide if I should start making something with all my new dear lizzy goodies from two peas or not [just got restocked today, free shipping V14DAY].  Dinner can wait, right? And the fact that I have a huge pile of laundry and dishes to do.  Don't even talk to me about vacuuming, ok!

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  1. They are so CUTE! Very cool they play so well together. :)

    Stinky Cats

  2. Hi Nandini this is Susan from Ariel. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I love the way you record the happenings of a day here. I'm sure you'll enjoy going thru this in the future.your little ones are so do you manage to get time for your creative endeavours? I myself find it challenging at time with my 2 kids.
    Have a grt weekend


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