Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's up with our baby : 50 weeks ?!

I get these Our365 emails about Nandini's milestones by week.  Here is how she is doing.

• Your baby's coordination and attention span have developed.  She can most likely hold a toy in each hand or pick up a toy and wave.
Not only that she will give you a princess wave as well.  Or, more likely, hold a piece of food in one hand and wave with the other, over the phone, to her Nana, because she heard him say goodbye.  Every body has video phones these days now, right?
You know she can earth bend too.

• Babies this age don't understand danger yet.
Ummm....she has met her older brother.  So, yeah, she understands danger a little bit. OR A LOT.

• Now they can remember where a toy had been before, even if they can no longer see it.
She has started putting puzzle pieces on top of Avi's puzzle box very proudly as if she is doing a puzzle herself.
Also, she remembers any piece of food or cupcake you try to stealthily eat before she notices you.

Is that a fact?
The brain of your one-year-old is about two-thirds of its adult size.
That is just creepy.

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