Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day in the Life --- 2012

I just started project life and saw that Ali was doing a day in the life project.  I was wondering why I should do something like this.  But, even with project life there are so many little stories to tell, things that I love, am frustrated by, am thankful for and want to remember.  I had a running commentary going through my head all day yesterday and I guess that is what writing is about. 

Heisenberg tells us that by measuring or observing something we inherently change it.  Does this statement about nanoparticles apply to everday life?  I feel it does, but it doesn't have to follow that it is changed for the worse. 
Morning essentials: coffee and fried eggs.  Two things that make me very happy.  Farm fresh eggs from revival market and locally roasted beans from Java Pura.  Rainbow colored glasses are from Target.  Of course.
Wednesday mornings Avinash has school.  A battle again today (ever since they had to move out of their regular classrooms).  More discussions with his teachers.  Nandini is back to her morning nap schedule.   She very sweetly started sucking her thumb and laid down in her crib without an ounce of protest.  She sleeps when better Avi isn't home and the house quiet. Even better now that we moved her crib into the closet. We live in a loft with no doors and Nandini is a very light sleeper so she needs her own space.  Don't worry, it's a very very large closet.  This also means scrapping time for Mommy.

Just joined the YMCA this month.  Or the library as Avinash calls it.  He usually loves going there to see his 'friends'.  Nandini hates it, but finally had a day with less crying on Tuesday and was good again yesterday.  I peeked in on them before fetching her from childcare and she was sitting in a circle with four others clapping and playing.  Of course her lip started quivering when she saw me approach.  Just to make sure that I remember how unhappy she is without me.  I guess I sort of love that in it's own way.  It is nice to be needed (but also get a break!). 

I made cobbler for lunch, and used up a lot of fruits hanging around the fridge.  Avinash wanted to help and I think so did Nandini by the way she was screaming until I let her sit on the counter with us until I got lunch on the table (spinach tortillas with leftover magic beans).  The cobbler needed a little longer to cook because of all the extra liquid from the extra fruit but was worth the wait. 

Unwinding a bit before afternoon naps, playing while Avi watches the Care Bears Movie.  It is the oooold one from 1985, ie, the one I watched as a child.  I was so happy when I saw it on Netflix streaming and even happier when Avi decided he liked it too.  I thought it might be sappy, but I really enjoyed the songs and all the talk of friendship and feelings.  It is definitely better than Caillou at least!  Love how Nandini's face lights up here when she realizes I am taking her picture.  I think she was most excited about getting the chance to smudge the lens more than anything.
She is so serious when she plays.  She likes the blocks, playing ball and the shape sorter.  Though she doesn't quite get the point.  She keeps showing me how taking off the lid makes it much easier to put the toys inside.  Duh, mommy! 
Avi had a bit of a struggle laying down to nap.  An almost daily fight.  I choose to just ignore his protests while he squirmed on his bed.  After he calmed himself down I sat down beside.  He hugged me and said, 'Mommy? You love me again?' Ugh.  That smarts.  I assured him that I always love him, even if I get mad.  I always love you too.  He is too good.  I rubbed his back until he fell asleep. 

Got my Studio Calico Daydream Believer kit.  Very spring-timey feel to this month.  I scrapped these photos of Nandini in December.  I had printed them out for project life possible filler, but it feels good to do real layouts too.  Love it when the kits spark that inspiration.  The box arrived during naptime which was perfect.  I scrapped while watching old Hindi movies. 
Nandini all refreshed and ready for some pattycake.  She really loves playing and soaks up any one on one attention she can get!

Ryan took the kids to the playground for a little bit.  Me time now equals showering without Avinash or Nandini sitting outside the door trying to break in, ha!  We had a simple dinner of 'stone soup'.  Basically garlic and vegetables cooked in butter, add water.  Simple but so good.  Bathtime is almost always fun for them.  Overheard Avinash talking to his reflection in the faucet too, ha! 'Hi! I'm Avinash...'  Nandini has never been much of a snuggler, but she will nuzzle with you for a second if you're lucky.

Our collection of muppets now sit on Avi's dresser.  I always wanted a muppet babies themed nursery, but could never find enough stuff.  Nandini playing peekaboo with her hoodie towel.  I had left a hindi movie on in the living room and we heard lots of nice hindi songs.  Nandini was very interested in banging along to the music.  We read a Roald Dahl book, The Enormous Crocodile, and played puzzles and things before bed.  We recently moved Avinash's bed and the extra space means they actually have somewhere to play.

And, finally, I checked my email after bedtime and got a bit of scrappy good news.  Getting a layout from Avinash's birthday published in a magazine.

How was your day?


  1. Congratulations on the publication! You'll have to post it back here once it's pubbed so I can peek at it! I wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for faithfully stopping by my blog. You said you don't know how I do it but I honestly don't know how YOU do it, lol! Reading your post left me in awe of your energy! All that, and you have time to submit for pubs too! Your little ones are BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy them - they grow up so quick!

  2. Your comment has overwhelmed me and I still don't know how to quite respond... Thank you so much for your kind words Ranjini, they mean so much. I love your work, and though I have a different style, I get a lot of inspiration from you. I really am in awe of your talent. Thanks again.


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