Sunday, February 26, 2012

In progress (with Hambly transperancy overlays)

I have been working on a less than traditional layout for a few days.  I was inspired by Jessica to play with these Hambly overlays a little more.

I originally intended the piece as something to sit outside a page protector, but now I'm not sure.

I started with this (dear lizzy) and this (MME) polaroid paper.  And a list of my favorite quotes.  I keep mine in an old journal, but I also have a pinterest board of them too. 

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I cut out individual polaroid squares from the papers.  Some of them I kept intact, but others I covered in cardstock and replaced the sayings with quotes of my own choosing. 

First I had to figure out an arrangement of the polaroids that I liked.  I tried having them go straight across kind of like a banner, but it wasn't really working.  The left to right upward sweep seemed to be my favorite.  I snapped a picture because nothing was attached yet and I didn't want to forget what I had decided on.

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Of course, because I'm still obsessed with project life I decided to embellish each polaroid individually. Some ribbon from a SC kit and a dear lizzy epoxy button.  I love the mixed texture of these buttons, but the epoxy does smudge if touched fyi. 

I stapled each polaroid down because I wanted them to be secure, especially since I wanted to put this page in the album without a page protector.  I also liked the look of the staples on here anyway.

I notched the edges of this card so I could securely wrap some twine around the corner.  Green twine from MME also, this twine is similar and also in stock.

I added a Crate Paper upholstered brad on top of that for extra hold.  That baby in the background was totally obsessed with this layout.  I normally scrap while she is asleep but she woke up from her nap while I was in the middle of this card so I just went with it.

I compared the dear lizzy trim, some old making memories ribbon and this Crate ruffle trim

The Crate Paper ruffle won out.  It is really nice quality and looks great in person. I also tried tucking a few doilies underneath too.

This rainbow polaroid is my favorite part of the new dear lizzy line.  I ended up only adding a few plain buttons and moving the brads to keep it simple.  I only have one more sheet of this paper and it is making me a little panicky.

I added a little felt trim and one more doily.  I vacilated on adding any pictures to this layout or not. Love these girls paperie crepe flowers.  Maybe a little busy, still not sure. 

But, the photo of the roses I got half price after Valentines Day at Central Market won out.  Even over my recent ranunculus and poppy bouquet.

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I ended up using the red striped and sequin dear lizzy trim on my page, but I removed one of the doilies.  Too much.

Other supplies: dear lizzy brads, Crate buttons, grey cardstock, aqua twine, yellow twine.  I am still debating about punching holes along the side to add to my album directly.  All of the quotes just make my soul happy.  I have a lot of very prosaic (like, oh her dress looks nice/avi loves to play, blah blah blah) journaling on my scrapbook pages, so it is nice to include some poetry to express something different.  I love it so much, I'm not sure what to do!


  1. very cool!!! So many awesome details on this!

  2. How pretty! Love the tiny details you put into it!


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