Wednesday, February 29, 2012


you take your babies to the garden in hopes of getting pretty pictures in front of the blooming azaleas.  

And you end up with adorable candids of your baby girl trying to earth bend her big brother on the spinning sundial statue. 

Is it possible that we watch too much Avatar the Last Airbender at home?

p.s. If you live in Houston, you MUST check out the azaleas this week.  There is a beautiful little garden connected to the Art Museum that literally bursts into bloom for like five days a year.  Right across from Hotel ZaZa and the fountains all the quincenera girls use for photos.  We live nearby and it is like a 1/4 acre oasis in a sea of downtown and Med Center smog.  It is breathtaking.  Go now!!! 


  1. Hi Nirupama
    your babies look so cute. I love love your little daughter's dress:)
    Great photos you've taken here.

  2. Azaleas are my favorite! Love her dress! Looks like a beautiful place for pictures!


Thank you for your comment!

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