Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting excited

for fall.

Also, blowing bubbles with the new bubble machine.
Wearing red for red day (Clifford's birthday), followed by pumpkins for pumpkin day. Avi made that one up himself, and later added pumpkin socks.
Buying fresh flowers and pumpkins at the grocery store, I guess it was pumpkin day. 
Visiting the zoo.  Can't wait for all the halloween decorations and daily trick or treating to start. Also, pushing the stroller all the way to the zoo is a lot more fun than going to the gym.
Watching the Mindy Project.  My favorite comedy of the year by far.
Reading Anne of the Island, because I love her sense of whimsy and could use more of her optimism.  Plus, it was free for download on google books. 
Eating vegan ginger cookies, made by my husband.  They are so spicy and warm and good.  Imagining how good they would be made with real butter instead of oil.  Maybe next time.

Feeling in a bit of a creative slump.  Not sure what direction to take in the future.  I think my insecurity about staying home with the kids and uncertainty about the future have a lot to do with this.
Linked up with Stephanie Howell for her blog your heart series. It is not easy to be that vulnerable on your blog, but I tried.

What are you up to?


  1. Hey you! Nice to 'see' you again - remember me from TheMomCreative? Love your post - Ali's idea is great, isn't it?
    Hoping to start posting my PL pages again soon - very busy summer! - and having a chance to visit everyone's PL pages again......

  2. What a fun post to read, love this!! How cute that pumpkin shirt is and my kids celebrated Clifford too, we even met him at the mall for a book signing. Your little pumpkins are so cute. I love fall too!! Looking forward to your fall adventures with the kids!

  3. Great pictures! I'm with that brown pumpkin shirt (too cute!!)!
    More like this weekend, I hope to get some senior pictures done outside with the fall leaves (crossing my fingers!).

  4. beautiful colors in this post!! i've been busy getting well! lol..

  5. Such gorgeous colorful photos. Love what you did wit them!

  6. Ah, you are making me yearn for fall! Your photos are fabulous. Enjoy this fun season! :)

  7. Those fun pictures make me ready for cooler temps and carving pumpkins. :)

  8. I love the sparkly star effect you used in that one pumpkin photo -- makes it look magical. Am also a big fan of the Anne of Green Gables books. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for them. Happy Friday.


  9. Seems like a lot of fun around your way, with Pumpkin Day and warm cookies! Cute pictures to depict the day!

  10. thanks for linking up,friend. i so agree with the comment about women and friendships btw. oh, and my mouth is watering from reading about those cookies!! :) xoxo

  11. Looks like lots of fall fun! And you can join me on the creative slump bench, unfortunately. Hopefully an uplift soon!

  12. I hear you on the creative slump too! It must be in the stars! I love living in the tropics but your photos make me wish for a couple of days of autumn.


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