Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers!

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!  

This is our third year in a row celebrating at the museum. 

Avinash finally agreed to wear the pirate costume that I bought him last year.  Hopefully we can get him to wear it again on his birthday and maybe Halloween as well. Avinash has learned a few pirate phrases, probably from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  It is hilarious to hear him randomly interject, "Shiver me timbers!" in the middle of conversation.  And I'm pretty sure I heard a few good "Arrgghs" from Nandini.

Last year Nandini dressed up as a mermaid, but I was at a loss again this year.  I just pulled out a mickey pirate shirt with a striped skirt and striped pants.  Pirates seem to wear a lot of stripes.  I guess I should just get her a girly Pirates jersey next year.  With pearls of course.

 Just give me back my bottle and no one gets hurt!

We had so much fun at the museum, they had a few pirate themed crafts, like making paper hats and a balancing bear to 'walk the plank', but the main attraction was the awesome pirate show.  Avinash was laughing hilariously the whole time and Nandini was clapping after every trick.

Avinash even got called up on stage to help with one of the tricks.  The pirate called him "Captain Shortpants" and told him that "Hugh Hefner wants his jacket back", ha!  Avinash just laughed and waved proudly from the stage.  Until he found out what he had to do. Even though I told him it was a joke, he was not about to let the pirate put his head in the stocks and run a sword through it.  He did obligingly volunteer his sister to do it.  Nice.  Some other kid jumped on stage and Avinash held out his hands, ready to catch his head when it rolled off.  He was seriously shocked when the kid's head didn't fall.  He's definitely a trusting kid, but I'm not sure what that says about his concern for Nandini. 

Holy Mackerel!

A look at year's past:



I love this holiday.  It is the beginning of great weather in Houston.  We get to dress up and act silly.  It marks the beginning of the holiday season and allows the Halloween dressing up to start waaaaay early, which I love.   I hope you all get to celebrate today too!

PS-If you have any ideas for a pirate party, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Love all the pics, and the layouts are fabulous! My son dressed up as a pirate one year for Halloween and his little sister went as a parrot. It was so cute!

  2. What a wonderful day! Great layout!

  3. How fun!
    They look adorable :)
    And great layouts!

  4. Great layout, love the pirate costumes

  5. Such great pictures! Love the layouts!

  6. love the layout .. great photos and layouts..

  7. Oh my goodness, how cute is your son......he was ready to catch the other kids head...what a sweetie.
    Great layouts.
    I would suggest a treasure hunt :) We did those with our kids at the cottage and they loved it.

    1. Thanks for the idea Tracy! I could probably do this with chocolate 'gold coins' I think..

  8. I love love this post and the tradition you have here. What a happy memory this will be for all of you!! Thanks so much for sharing the past trips, they are so big now and STILL CUTE!!! Wish we had something like that here for my son, he'd love that.

    My son's best buddy had a pirate party about 3 years ago and they had a treasure hunt, made pirate hats and did have chocolate coins too. They wore eye patches and bandana's and listened to pirate music while playing musical chairs. Hope these ideas help!!!


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