Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm ready to play soccer!

Ryan signed up Avinash for pre-K soccer this year. He was so into it, going out to buy shin guards, socks, shoes and a size 3 ball at three different stores before he found everything in the right size.

The first night he and Avinash kicked the ball around on the patio trying to score goals on the rug while Nandini toddled around them trying to grab the ball. We both shouted gooooooooooooooaaallll whenever he scored and tried to teach him not to use his hands. The second night Avinash decided he would rather play football because he could use his hands. When we went to visit one of my friends he asked her if we really were allowed to use hands in soccer. As if we are just tricking him. Where would he get an idea like that? We played sporadically after that and I started to wonder how long his initial enthusiasm would last.

The first practice was rained out.  Many, many questions and requests from Avinash to go to soccer practice followed.  Luckily, our awesome new coach set up an extra practice for everyone on Sunday.

He put oil in his hair before we left, just like his Nana taught him.  Love that he was thinking of Nana this morning, I know he is a big comfort to him.

The field was muddy but he was ready to go anyway.  Jumping over the mucky mud puddles was just part of the fun.  We loved all of it and think he did too. 

There was a lot of this:
"No hands."

"Keep going.."

"Maybe we'll just stop at one lap around the field..."

"You're going to the wrong goal, other way!"


and just general toddler chaos, ha!

Nandini wanted to play too in the worst way.  She even ran into the goalie net after Avinash played goalie for a few minutes (before clearing out with everybody else to head to the other goal, ha!). 

And, Ryan got us all ring pops as a reward on the way home.  Avinash was tired, but still excited and talking about kicking and playing again.  We are so proud of him and can't wait for the first game.


  1. I love this post, reminds me of when Sam starting soccer. Our first soccer game was this weekend and he did great. He's been playing for 61/2 years now and each year just gets better and more fun.
    He was so sweet and funny at this age also, totally in the ZONE when he is out there. He loves to run and this sport gave him that chance to just run and be happy. One of my favorite memories was the first time it rained during a game, all the other kids were surprised they had to keep playing and didn't want to get wet. My cute Sam turned to us and gave us a thumbs up and his face just lit up. He played an awesome game that day and made 3 goals. Even now he still loves playing in the mud and rain.
    I'm looking forward to hearing more soccer stories and pictures from you, enjoy the season!

    1. That's so awesome! So happy that your son is so passionate and dedicated about playing. What a blessing :)

  2. Little kids playing soccer are adorable and hilarious. They have something here called "Little Kickers" that starts at 18 months, and I can't imagine the chaos there ;) We haven't signed T up for sports yet but she starts her first ballet/tap/gymnastics class on Tuesday. I can't wait to see how that goes!

    1. Hope she enjoys her first class! Avi did gymnastics for a couple years, but it was really baby gymnastics. Totally different I'm sure. Can't wait to hear what your experience is like.


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