Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tiny Prints Freebie!

I always love these free Tiny Cards promotions. Usually they offer one card for each holiday. I got free Father's Day, Halloween and Diwali cards from them last year. I always get photo cards and display them on our mantle. (I've gotten a bit lazy about framing new pictures so at least somewhere in the house our current pictures are up.)

I love this deal because it is for TEN free cards!  Score.  Shipping is not included but should come out to around 5.99.  I love a lot of holiday cards they have, like the bokeh lights, confetti, and chalkboard designs.  But I checked and the promo seems to work on Diwali cards too.  They probably won't arrive in time for the actual holiday, but I'm sure my parents and friends will be thrilled to get a photo card from anyway.

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