Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day: It's my party and I'll instagram if I want to ...

So, if you follow me on instagram sorry about the deluge on Sunday.  I just found it very pleasant to take a little extra time to post a ton of pictures of my adorable little children.  We had a pretty low key day in general.  A last minute decision to get brunch, then a walk in the park and wading in the Barton Springs' pool. I honestly don't remember what we did after naps. Probably just unpack more boxes.  Still no end in sight on those either.
This Mother's Day was hard for different reasons.  For obvious reasons I am not feeling like the best mother right now.  But something else about this forced holiday got to me.  I really think that setting up fake expectations based on what I see others doing to celebrate is ridiculous. 
I generally think that comparing myself to anyone else is just dumb.  Why should someone else's party blog make me feel bad in any way?  Pinterest is a bunch of pictures online, not a moral imperative. Unlike the Huffington Post, I don't feel the need to call other crafters stupid or uncool.  To each his own I say.
So what if we didn't have brunch reservations? I really and truly just wanted to eat at home and avoid the rush anyway.  I know that Avinash made me a card, his teacher texted me to let me know it is still in Houston.  So why do I feel bad about not getting one on Sunday? I loved our walk around the park and Barton Springs.  That should be enough. I need to change my own attitude more than anything.
I really should not complain at all.  My own mother was all by herself on Mother's Day.  I didn't even send her anything because I just figured my Dad could carry it with him when he flew back on Tuesday.  Still, it must have been pretty lonely.  I know I would have felt like that.  I miss her so much but we have had a lot of good talks on the phone lately at least.  Hope you guys had a good weekend/Mother's Day.  


  1. Happy Mother's Day! No one can blame you for showing off your cuties!
    Hope the unpacking ends soon!

    1. Thank you. Happy Mother's to you too! Unpacking may be the end of me..

  2. Hugs! Sorry things are a little unsettled for you. We deliberately went to breakfast on Saturday instead and invited my parents over on Sunday, so it was pretty low key as well.

    1. That sounds like the better plan. I blame Hallmark and such.


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