Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Project Life - Week 21

 This week: I flew back home to pick up Avinash and Nandini from my parent's house.  I got some pictures off of my Dad's iPhone from the time they were away.  We used all of Ryan's frequent flyer miles so we got great seats on the way back.  As soon as we got back we headed out again for a road trip to Houston so we didn't miss Avi's dance recital.  Best decision ever.  They crowd went wild when he danced across the stage.  Literally.  I may have cried.  And, of course, another farmer's market trip. 

 First Side: A lot of these pictures have a ton of glare.  It's weird because our new place is kinda dark but I still can't get rid of the glare. 
I used a lot of Basic Grey die cuts, which came with my KP and SC kits, here and there on my pockets. 
These SC alpha stamps are 'shadow' stamped in grey on a SC kit card. Kinda fun for me to play around with some different stamping techniques.
These flashy letter stamps from Mama Elephant are another new favorite.  Been waiting for the marquee/Budmo jig font to be made into a stamp forever.

I adore this picture my Dad took.  Nandini picked it up from the floor (where I work) and said "Nana (mumble mumble) play!"  I was so impressed that she recognized where the picture was from because he is not even in the picture.  I kept the circle theme going with a wood veneer phrase.

Some new Elise stamps for Studio Calico.  I used black archival ink to stamp on white washi tape, which could be a little more opaque for my taste but it does let the photo come through nicely.  Added a little gold arrow too. 

 Second Side: More dance pictures. The 4x6 card is a printable from SC. The bottom left card uses a Paislee Press card and more BG die cuts and these white stickers as a title.  I love to put simple titles on a few of the pockets.

 I trimmed a kit card so the banner would hold the cork stickers.  I tend to be quite literal in my phrasing, but I finally felt the 'kind of a big deal' phrase stamp was appropriate.

 I used little strips of silver washi and an initial to list our 'highlights' from the week.  We saw this amazing sunset on the drive home from Houston and I had to use this Amy Tan rub-on with the reference to it. 

One of my favorite pockets, our farmer's market haul.  I used white stickers (my PL favs) and a wood veneer camera.  I love coloring enamel dots with metallic sharpies to the change the color.

Love this card from KP.  I used my white poster paint sharpie to give the letters a white shadow.

The big moment!  The picture isn't great, but how could it be?  I kept it simple with a HS disco star and some wood veneer letters.  I used a roll of ribbon to line them up in a circle before gluing them down.  I have found that this tombow liquid glue works perfectly for wood veneers, esp the tiny ones like these.  It doesn't clog up like glossy accents.  It has a wide end that is actually the better than the pen tip because you hold the glue and dip the veneer on to the broad tip.  Kind of like squeezing ketchup on to a fry when you are in the car, you hold the fry up to the ketchup packet so the ketchup doesn't go everywhere.  Wait, doesn't everybody do that?

Let me know if you have any questions. I use a lot of digital products, and created a FREE Printables board on Pinterest to keep track (and, I work really hard to make sure that the pins there are all 'live links' and not spam). 
I am linked up with The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. The PL kits I am using are the Seafoam kit and Midnight kit, with multi-pack page protectors, the monthly Studio Calico Project Life kit, and the Kelly Purkey kit.  Phew, that's a lot but I like to mix it up, what can I say?
Thank you so much to everyone in this wonderful community. I love all the feedback and looking at everything people do each week. It definitely keeps me motivated. Also, please include a link to your projects below so we can check them out too.


  1. I love how detailed your PL is! So much to look at. I keep thinking after I see yours that I need to do more stamping on my photos, and every week, I forget :)

  2. the white stickers on the photo is brilliant!! looks like it was done on the computer, clean and beautiful!

  3. love all the detail and layers inside the little pockets!

  4. Gorgeous pages. I think the A Star is Born picture is my favorite. It's perfect.

  5. I always love seeing what you are creating in your Project Life albums! This is a gorgeous spread! your photos just make me smile!

  6. Love all the pictures and how you embellished them!

  7. Nandini's little face sticking out of the playground is the cutest thing ever. Avi looks proud of his recital. Tia Rachel is very proud of them both.

  8. Hello, how are you? Hope it is going better and getting use to the new place. Just read thru your posts and LOVE LOVE SO MUCH. I need a notebook just to write down all the things in your pages/posts that make me smile and looks cool and just awesome.

    Your Day in the life, is so precious for May, soooo sweet. I love love the yellow butterflies. That mini album is going to be a treasure for a long time, wish I had done one like this too.

    I am loving my new HONEY Project Life kit, so nice to be back to the normal size again. I missed it more then I knew. Still like the smaller album but MISS my traditional size.

    Take care and one day at a time, slow down and just enjoy the newness and summer weather coming and your beautiful family!! HUGS!


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