Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Around the house.

We are still unpacking.  

Still moving boxes around.  
Still putting together Ikea furniture. 

Trying to figure out why we have so much stuff.

I love this challenge from the Nester and I am so game. Also, linking up for the Summer Tour of Homes.

We have already taken out many many garbage bags full of stuff we no longer need.  I want to see if we can take it further.

A pile of toys on top of the Target bookshelf I DIY'd with chalkboard paint.  They are functional toys so I say it is not cheating!

This is all I have on our mantle.  Excited to finally have one, but don't know what to do with it.  Maybe just pictures?  I hate this paint color, but we are renting.

Our kitchen is nothing special.  I do love this hutch we got at Round Top this spring.  I covered the top with my favorite glassware.   The inside holds party stuff and art supplies for the kids. At least that clutter is put away!

Our living is also not put together yet.  I have managed to fill this huge expedit with scrapbooking supplies.  I think I could actually use two!  Those globes are also from Round Top and are waiting to be put in Avi's room.  He actually likes looking at them, so they are like functional decor.

Nandini's room.  White toddler bed, white locker shelf and white bookcase.  Not a single box.  I just sit in here when I want my cortisol levels to drop.  Having one room 'done' is an enormous source of comfort.

She probably does need a new rug.  The old one from Ollie's (a bargain basement discount store in PA) circa 2003 just looks so shabby.

Plus, I figure with a good rug who needs a ton of accessories?


I have seen the Ikea and Anthro rugs in person.  I want something she can grow into, but also be the focus of the room.  Anyone else care to weigh in and help? ;)


  1. I like number 2...LOTS of colors. It can go with anything...and quite a few styles too. Happy Nekkid June!

  2. yep, I'm doing the challenge, too, and couldn't be happier with this terrific jumpstart that Nester's given us!


  3. All of the rugs are nice. If money is no object, I'd want 2 from anthro, but for a kids Ron, I'd pick 4 from ikea :)

  4. I really like 1 and 2. So pretty.
    Sounds like a good challenge, I might have to look into that.


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