Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December Daily | Day 19, The Nutcracker

This page had me stuck for a long time.  I didn't have a ton of photos. I did snap this one at the end of the performance.

I switched things around a lot.  Originally I had the program in a page protector but it was just a tad small and looked awkward.  I used some BG attach me stickers to keep it in the book.

I put a full sheet of sequins paper in the page protector instead with a little SC printable and silver metal star from BG.  

 I ended up covering the back cover with patterned paper because I don't need a bank ad in my book.  Then, I stitched this title onto tissue paper and was going to place it on top of the sequins paper, but it wasn't translucent enough to let the sequins show through so I pasted it on to the back cover instead.  Hopefully the stitching will help keep it all in place.  I used a lot of glue too.

I used another printable label and more silver stars here.  I stamped the phrase on my journaling card with that big Pebbles roller stamp. I love the way Ali Edwards clips her number tags in half, so I did it again here. 

My family starts arriving here today.  I am excited and nervous to host Christmas here this year.  Avinash, Nandini and I made more decorations last night because Avinash doesn't want Santa to come to "a house with no decorations anywhere!" Since you know, we only have two trees up already.

Nandini is testing all her limits now too. She has to be tricked into eating.  The night before it the promise of face time with Grandma, last night it was feeding Avinash one bite and then feeding herself the next one.  HAHAHAHA.  (I made this fancy Mac and Cheese, which we all loved if you are curious).

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  1. Love the sequins. I often have programs like this from baseball games and I hate all the ads. I usually rip it apart and then laminate just the pages I want with my Xyron. That way I can keep both sides of a page or stick them back to back. And the laminator is great for custom-sized page protectors.

    1. Thanks for the awesome tip! I tore out a few interior pages but I didn't want the whole thing to fall apart. The laminator sounds like a great solution in the future!


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