Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Daily | Day 5&6

I included a lot of artwork for today.  We had a fun little outing to the Crayola factory before we left Pa.  I added a little washi tape and letter stickers to the puzzle Avinash made.  After we got home Avinash made this circle for me and I loved it too much not to include it. 

I trimmed a journaling card in half and added a die cut from the SC 25 days class, with a gold foil chipboard number and Atlantic glittered gold star.  Loving little metallic touches right now.

 The thing I really wanted to journal about was this little moment at the end of the day, so I added another journaling card on the next page. Dear Lizzy gold foil letter stickers + OA Silent Night journaling card. The birch tree one is my favorite from the set. 

 Stamp and enamel dots from the SC 25 days class kit.
I added a little confetti pocket with planes and stars since the 6th was a travel day.  I just cut and pasted my status from FB as my journaling for the day. 

Journaling reads: "Totally survived flying from Pa to TX with two kids at 30 weeks pregnant. We had snacks, did workbooks, and slept. . The pilot showed Avi the cockpit and the Christmas lights. The stewardess gave them wings. Nobody cried even a little, not even me. There was no twitter war. I'm sure nobody will remember the quiet kids on a plane but I am super proud of myself." 

Today I went back and added a photo to the back of Avinash's artwork.  He even approved of my selection and said it looked nice together.  Nothing like getting the okay from the artist himself ;)

I had more to say about the day, more little moments I wanted to record.  I added text (the font is Autumn, a lovely hand written serif, which is a quirky combination I just love) in white to a photo from our evening excursion.  I just used Picasa to add text and moved the words around to fit the tree using spaces.  I would have right justified all the text but I kept running into the hole punches.  

I printed it as an 8.5x8.5 square, adhered it to the paper and trimmed around it.  I added the magic stamp in silver (rubber stamp from Elise), which was a bit of a risk since I couldn't straighten it as well as a clear stamp.  Then I decided to just stamp it at a slant, problem solved.  I added silver glitter Heidi Swapp stickers from the SC Blue Note kit as well.  I felt these were sturdy enough to last outside a page protector, unlike enamel dots or something. 


  1. 'No Twitter War' - love the reference!

  2. Love how you have included their drawings.

  3. Great pages, love your journaling about the flight back, the sequin pocket, and all the other little goodies you've added! :)

  4. Really like how you have included artwork from your children--this is something I am also doing!

  5. I like the bright colors you use - so happy.

  6. WOW!!! Great pages. Love your style. Stop by and share your December Daily on our link up!

  7. This is really beautiful. The confetti pocket is so creative!


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