Friday, December 6, 2013

December Daily 2013 | Day 4

 I instagrammed this photo in the morning and just recorded a few things Nandini and I said to each other on waking up.  She normally sleeps alone, but at my parent's house she has been changing things up.  I think this may be one of my favorite pages yet, because it is just a sweet everyday moment captured.  I told one story and that is all I need to do. 

I decided to slip the photo into a 3x4 DD overlay from Ali Edwards. I just loved what Neela did with hers and had to get a set of my own. 

This was a little trickier than I first imagined because I don't have access to photoshop here.  I ended up using Silhouette software (I downloaded it onto my Dad's computer a while ago so I wouldn't miss the free shape of the week when I travel, ha!) to modify everything and it worked like a charm!  If you don't have photoshop or just want to see how I did it, I included the steps here.

The only thing I have trouble doing there is adding text to a photo so I did that first in Picasa.

 Then I drew a box and circle to make a mask for the photo.  I just welded the two items together got the shape I was looking for.

 Here is the masked photo.  I'm not even sure I know how to do that in photoshop come to think of it.

 Then I copied it over to the daily 3x4 card.  I resized it to 6x8 because I wanted to make it a full page.  I traced the word december and then put it back in place because I wanted it to sit on top of the photo completely.  I could have used the monochromatic overlay and skipped this step entirely but I just like the multicolor look.
I printed it out on semi-glossy photo paper.  Not my usual matte paper, but it worked out fine, if not just a little grainer than what I get normally. 

Here is the final product.  I cut a strip of patterned paper from the DD kit and added a few Jenni Bowlin gold sequins as well.  The little quote strips are from a recent SC kit. 

Here is the page in the album.  I started on a few Diwali pages for the book which I will share when they are all done.

I am still so loving working on this project every night.  I told one story and that is all I need to do. Somehow that thought just makes me happy.  


  1. oooh, i really really like your DD page!! such a sweet photo!

  2. Love seeing your album come together and what a wonderful story to have captured!

  3. So beautiful!! I love how you trimmed the sequins! :) Evie

  4. This is really cute, I love the moment you have captured! x

  5. I just melted all over my chair - so very sweet! Aww! I love love those simple, every day moments like that. Love your pages so much, as usual. How smart you are to use your Silhouette! And I did lol that you downloaded that onto your dad's computer - ha! We're all obsessed, I swear. Lovely work!

  6. Cute page! I really need to get started on my DD!


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