Monday, January 27, 2014

Austin 'Snow' Day

Oh my goodness.  Friday was just epic here.

All the schools were cancelled.  The roads were empty.

The city did a great job of salting about half the bridges and none of the roads.

Ryan and I were watching TV the night before and got to see all the live updates of snow coverage flash across the screen.  Schools went from delayed to cancelled.

The best line?  "Some areas already report light dusting of snow on grass."  WHATTTT!!!!!!!  Light dusting of snow on grass!!!  Heheeee.  I'm sorry, I can't help it. Ryan and I may have laughed about that quite a bit.

Texans are even more dramatic about snow than everyone talking about the "polar vortex".  (Whatever happened to regular old storms and blizzards?  Does every weather system have to get an apocalyptic hashtag to go with it now?)

Somehow though, waking up to real snow was still magical. We had less than 0.5 inches and most everything had a layer of ice on top, so there was no fluffy white stuff.  More just packed in sheets of ice.

In fact, the snow only stuck in a few areas.  We had this quaint little patch in the middle of the back yard.  The driveway was pretty icy and we gathered snow from the hood of the car for snowballs. 

Avinash was so excited, we ran outside with him right away.  It's really not that cold here, so he's got a sweater on over his jammies.  Mittens were later added because of all the snow ball making.  

We gathered enough snow to make this little guy.  Avinash and Nandini later rescued him from the front yard and he is living in our freezer now. 

Avinash had such a blast throwing snow balls at us.  Nandini was more into the laundry basket rides down the driveway.  When I think about serious we were about sledding growing up in Pa, I just have to laugh.  Yes, she is wearing socks on her hands because we never ever really need to wear mittens here.

He found an icicle, amazing!  After about an hour we went inside for a quick warm cocoa/marshmallow break.

The 'snow' was already melting when we went back out.  This is his sad face.  Poor boy!  But lucky too, to see this weather in Austin.  Everything melted within the day and we are back to 60 degree weather.

One day of snow and back to awesome weather.  That is why Austin is so great.  I definitely don't need three to six months of it.  We spent all morning at the park today and I couldn't even get them to keep their sweaters on.  Don't feel too bad though, we pay for it in the summer. 

And, of course, I had to scrap about it.  I saw this picture (on pinterest probably, but it might have been an ad) that had the latitude and longitude printed across the scenery.  I was thinking of saving that idea for a travel scenery photo, but decided to try it here.  The idea is that given our pretty southern location it was crazy to get snow here.  Ryan didn't really get it, but I like the way it looks anyway. 

I used my Studio Calico copper mountain kit for most of this page.  The feather is a die cut I made and had lying about and the gold labels are from a different recent kit.

I got this navy blue floss from my kids craft stash and used it to add a little more texture to the layout.  (Which is kinda mean since I never like to share my stuff with them, lol.)

I was trying to keep the focus on the middle of the page, with one little cluster in the corner to add a bit more context to the page.  

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  1. the snowman is in the freezer now? haha!! that is priceless!! i hope you took a pic and planning to scrap that!

  2. This is so funny!! Thanks for sharing! I live in Wisconsin. We got ten inches of snow tonight, and we still have school tomorrow morning :) So fun to see the other perspective of a Southern Snow Day!

    Your page is GORGEOUS, by the way! Great job!

  3. This is such a sweet page and love the photos of the little ones excitement of the snow.
    Come up here to Ontario Canada where we have over 5 ft snowbanks and our high a few weeks ago was -51C, Tonight is -29c. I would trade with you in a heartbeat, lol.

  4. What a cute snowman ! You made a lovely layout.

  5. I love how you documented this and that is seriously the cutest little snowman ever!

  6. I love your layout! And your snow- cute that you were able to get a little snowman out of it!

  7. Love it! Especially the latitude & longitude! I'll remember the idea for a super hot summer layout from up here in the chilly north =)

  8. How fun! Yes, we are the same way about snow...and I'm hoping we get some!!! It only happens once every few years, but they are forecasting up to 2 inches tomorrow! Seriously!!! Oh, and I LOVE your title! Tee-hee!

  9. Fun pictures and fab layout, love the latitude and longitude across the photo, packs such a bold statement!

  10. I love your little snowman! Very Texas-like! The snow layout is perfect, I love all the little details you added.

  11. Ohmygosh too funny! Your whole story made me laugh! I love your layout and totally love the latitute/longitude coordinates. Maybe it's a nerd thing? (PS: My sister lives near Austin also!)

  12. Love the addition of the coordinates - draws your eye in right to your focal point.

  13. That is some snow day!!!! Super fun layout. Love that you added the title right across the photo. :)

  14. Love the layout! and the photo. The latitude and longitude idea is really cool. Super cute little snowman.

  15. love the latitude and longitude idea!

  16. Wow! Like that longitude and latitude project. Very nice! We are expecting more snow today. Well, I live in Canada and I shouldn't complain. But this month seems very long!

  17. This is awesome!! Thank you for linking up to Paper Issues! <3

  18. I cannot say this enough, I just LOVE this layout!


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