Monday, December 14, 2015

& Night | 2015 Christmas Home Tour #idhtbptbb

I love how Christmas looks around the house.  It is it's own kind of magic. 

 In a matter of minutes the light in the house transforms.  The lights and wreath on the mantle brighten up the living room that much more.

 Our tree really looks like this in real life.  I have been wearing really old glasses though, so I may not be the most accurate source.  Ha.

Highly recommend taking a break from contacts though.  It's like instant bokeh everywhere every evening. Bokeh is my favorite. 

Love this cozy little corner in front of the kitchen.

The tree is like the best backdrop for random photos.  Regular photos suddenly become so artistic.  What?  Just playing with bowling pins and crayons like normal.  Sitting down for .00005 seconds in between (literal) spins around the room.

He had a little procedure and biopsy today to monitor his EoE.  He's still having a lot of trouble keeping food and liquids down even though his weight has improved.  

 He gives the best bear hugs ever.

I love this "Santa suit" trimmed toy basket.  Got it from Target years ago and I could keep it out all year long.

Concentrating very hard on dinosaurs.  Real homework is still optional thank goodness. 

I keep editing the display on the buffet.  Things may have gotten a bit out of control but I love my fake holly garland. 

With lights

and ornaments. 

We even decorated the yard this year.  We have a tiny front yard but it looks so much cuter this way.  Which makes me wonder why we don't keep the lights up all year long?  

You can see my previous home tours here.  We have lived in three different houses in almost as many years with very different looks.  

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  1. lovely, lovely. your children are beautiful, your home a restful haven.

    merry christmas from a nearby neighbor over at Nester's ...


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