Sunday, December 17, 2017

December Daily | Day 14 Advent Calendar

The 14th, about half way done with December Daily this year. My album is packed already! 

Today’s story is about them being together. There was so much chaos in our house today, I didn’t even know how to start writing about it yet. The Christmas tree was accidentally knocked down while watering it. We spent all evening trying to put it back up, mopping the floor, sweeping and vacuuming needles, putting ornaments back on, etc. Somehow only one broke. It was a stressful night to say the least.  

And it had started out so nicely.  I bought sour cream and apple sauce.  I made latkes and then Ryan helped me make hamentashen cookies.  The kids helped Ryan light the menorah.  I somehow had no pictures of it andd I just haven't begun to write about any of it yet.  

But when the kids sat down to open their advent calendars for the day, I finally managed to sit down and take some pictures.

They got more train pieces and had so much fun stacking up different tsum tsums on them.  Lakshman wanted to do it by color but every one had different ideas.  Avinash loves the colorful tree and never forgets to get the toy out.  Nandini tries to help Lakshman with his chocolate calendar all the time.  He had missed a few and she got out his extras for him.  He demonstrated his complete lack of understanding of numbers and his powers of persuasion as he tried everything to get her to open the big chocolate under 24.

I printed out two 3x4 photos.  One color and one black and white.  I added a spread love chipboard to Avi's picture.  He actually wanted to be in a picture so I had to include it.  

I used some large wooden white stars and tucked a holiday cheer sticker under one.  

I made a title on the large shipping tag postcard with letter stickers from Ali Edwards.  I love the wide font. 

I printed out a large 4x8 photo and made an insert.  I stamped "favorite things" on it and used some old number transparencies.  I had to stapled them on.  I added another wooden star with the all together sticker tucked underneath.  

I backed it with one of the letterpress papers from Kelly Purkey.  It is so so nice.  I just love how heavy and rich it feels.  

Thanks for checking out my pages again!

I hope your tree stays up and that you can try to laugh about it if it doesn't!


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

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  1. The b&w photo certainly adds interest to your eye-catching spread!


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