Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December Daily | Day 10 Wildflower Center Luminations

The Wildflower Center is one of our favorite places in Austin. We even had Nandini’s third birthday party there in the cathedral of oaks. At Christmas, they set up a beautiful luminary display all along the paths. It is crowded but not the insane lines at Trail of Lights or something. 

I printed two 3x8s for my main story of day 10.  

I still had a 3x4 page to fill up from the back of yesterday.  I just used a picture I had already printed to talk about, what else? Marshmallows.  

Lakshman has been asking for roasted marshmallows every day and he even had me make them on sticks at the girl scouts meeting at our house. 

I used two of the gorgeous cards from the KP kit and a Paislee Press card. The only embellishment is a rubber charm.

Here it is with the 3x8 insert. 

I simply added white text over the sky in this photo.  The font is Garamond.  I added a white chipboard number from last year.  I love elements hanging over the edge. 

The had a whole candy bar and bakery shoppe set up inside on of the galleries this year.  The kids made a beeline for the candy of course.  I just love this capture.  I may have directed them to get a piece all at the same time, but it was pretty natural.  Lakshman basically did have jelly beans and cupcakes for dinner.  I put his quote after finishing eating on the photo. 

Thanks for checking out my pages again!

I hope your holidays are full of lights and sweetness too! 


ps. You can see all of my December Daily posts here.

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  1. The 3x8 insert really adds a certain something - your double page spread looks very elegant.


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