Friday, December 22, 2017

December Daily | Day 18 The Lion and Deer

On Monday, we took a trip to the Zoo for a birthday party. It turned out to be quite the eventful morning. 

Before the Zoo, we stopped by Nandini’s class to face paint all the kids for spirit week. I added in a few simple deer journaling cards. Had to add a red nose sticker of course. 

The facing page was made with patterned paper. I made a flip out with a few 4x6 photos washi taped together. 

On the first photo I added a wild die cut I created in the beginning of the month. The full sentiment I cut said “wild and sweet” but that last part didn’t really apply. If you look closely you can see the lion’s intent stare. He is looking right at Lakshman. 

I added a wood veneer circle with the cork date on it so you kind know to open it. 

I typed out the journaling and added a pull tab to it so I could tuck it behind the photos.  I used the digital files from Kelly Purkey and changed list to say lion. 

It's kind of like a real hidden pages book.  The insert slides in and out on a little track. 

I also snuck an extra picture behind there too. 

Thanks for checking out my pages again!

I hope your holidays are just a little bit wild too but maybe not this much! 


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